Sandcastle: Code Documentation in C#

Over the years I use lot of documentation and those help me build my software with ease. However, never need to build one for my projects as they are not quite often big and what more never need to do so, as they are quite handful of function in complete project. But now in order to upgrade my coding and making it more friendly for my brain. I finally was looking for a decent method to start documenting my code in separate code files much like PHP or MSDN documentation. 

The best was to start with .NET documentation tools as they are more readily available. After searching and trying to make sense what all these tools are good for, I finally reach to Sandcastle. Install it, but found nothing in my start menu. Read about it, seems a command line tool. But I need GUI, been a lazy programmer. Well I got the answer in term of Sandcastle Help File Builder on Codeplex ( . Looks promising, I install it. And within 3 minute of installation, my documentation is ready. How?

Simple. I open the software, Add Documentation Source as my project SLN file, click build and it create file for me. I need nothing else. There maybe lot of configuration to do, but for first time, it is more than enough. I have been commeting my code day I start programming. And from about a year or so, I start using those /// commenting as in XML generation tool within Visual Studio. But never compile them in help file. 

Now I know easiest method to do. i.e. open Builder GUI, click build [For second time of course]. I will keep generating lot of help file so I can check them back when needed in future. Changing my programming style when nobody is there to talk or see face to face is enjoyable. Me and my computer sitting alone and doing lot of new learning. Going back to days of programmer is really good to continue my learning process that I left 4 years ago.

I am still good and hope to improve further.