Visual Basic Express 2005

Install on my pc yesterday, and get its first look today… just few hours ago. What can I say about it. Simply amazing software. When I first look at Visual Studio 2002/2003 I thought what extra in a interface they can make. But with Express interface we have new Icons, and programming in no more just a Text editor… I thas cooool icons and things.

Try Debugging in VB Express and you really find the difference. Okay enough talk on Interface, now let me tell you one cool feature I like most…

Code Editing during Debugging.. in Days upto VS 2003 one has to break the Code execution and than make a text change and than run it again if you found one spelling correction while debugging.
But now, just go to editor window edit the spelling and press F8 as usual :o)

One more feature I observe.. while debugging I often try to make Xpath queries in Watch window, and there no “.”(Dot) works but now it is. Hmmmm.. Microsoft is making us more lazy.

Yet to discover its features IF you have any let me know so that I Code rather than discovering

Sumit Gupta

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.