About Me

Sumit Gupta (Born on 7th Feburary 1981) is  a Software Consultant and Developer  from Delhi, India. He finish his studies with MS in computer Science from IGNOU. Though before his finish his studies he get involve in professional software development. He spend most of his time learning new technology and making us of those technology for client’s benefits. Starting his career as trainee programmer he become the Project manage within first 18 months of his career. At the time when his friends and collegue find to cop with new technology, Sumit gets involved in not only using them professionally but to train and help his team learn those new technology.

He was involved in various small website development during his start of career, but yet using latest technology in form of Dynamic Javascript or dynamic form creation. He did few desktop application using Visual Basic 6.0. Though he join a web development enivornment but his interest in desktop application keep him to learn and cope with changing programming stucture with inception of .NET framework. He on one hand do core PHP development for web application development, while learn and develop his University project (vsChessMania) in .NET technology. He also start using .NET in his work enviornment and start building various applications in .NET and PHP at same time.

In 2007, he got a chance to work on Web hosting management project for Linux operating system. The irony of this project is that he doesn’t know how to even install Linux box during that time, but his team and company show a tremendous trust in his skill and ability to learn. With all those trust he is able to finish that project single handledly in time even after his team on project get disassembled. He not only learn Linux operating system, but use his skill later to develop a Centerlized data protection for his company based on Linux environment. That help their company reduce development cost and downtime as compare to their old structure.

But he didn’t stop on that and later Implement the Windows Server in same structure and was now not only doing software development with PERL, PHP, ASP.NET, Windows Forms.NET, but also managing company server from Windows to Linux.

On 2nd Oct 2008, with help of his family and his brother Mr. Vikas Gupta, he open his personnel development house called “Vikasumit”. Here they start development web applications. They cover simplest project from static website to complex marketplace projects. So far their team is able to produce some good products like, Sound Engineering Analysis Tool, Peer to Peer Video conferencing using .NET technology, Amazon like Marketplace Web application using PHP. In last two years with vision of Sumit and his brother their company is able to produce more than 150 web projects of all size.

At the end of year 2010, Sumit got a chance to work on a online game, which he think will open more doors for him to achieve his Game Development dream for which he started Vikasumit.

If you want to get in touch with Sumit Gupta, you can email him on his personnel email id : Sumit@sumitgupta.name.