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  • Opening Microsoft Office document in Web Browser (IE)

    recently I have been assigned a task where I have to open Microsoft Word’s file in Web browser for customer to edit them. For this I got a reference of this article And believe me its really a Superb thing to do, I am very impressed with this ActiveX control. (There is no […]

  • HTML Application

    Recently I come across something new and not a useful as it seems, specially for web development. It is HTML Application (hta) a Microsoft’s own technology that work on IE browser, It act like a application though Programming language is HTML  Read more about it Its useful for organizational based Intranet application to some […]

  • Strength of .NET

    Since I start programming on Microsoft.NET framework, I read that .NET framework has support for multiple languages. I use two -three such languages for my work, Microsoft well know Visual Studio provide support for few languages. Most of programmer restrict themself to these handy tools, rest change their programming language as they don’t know that […]

  • PDF generation through PHP Code

    I have use PDF file gets emailed to customer feature in lot of my project. For this we use various PDF generation classes available. But today I am going to talk about absolutely free method of doing this. For this I use  html2pdf  and GhostScript. Just a suberb combination of making PDF on the fly. […]