Category: Project Management

  • Automate Testing: Gitlab, Dotnet

    I always want to test my .NET based application on my personal Gitlab based repo. But since, my old project is too much a mess to do the effort for. So, when we got to rewrite the whole project, I was happy to get my experience on Unit Testing with automation of CI. I still […]

  • Experience with BitBucket CI

    I have been using bitbucket for quite sometime, and really like their service. Recently, I come to know that they have Beta of CI through pipeline, that can run any docker from Docker hub. I thought to give it a try though I have my own build setup on my local machine and really don’t […]

  • Installing Redmine 2.3.3 on Ubuntu 13

    Okay, today I install Redmine on Azure hosted Ubuntu 13.04. The steps are easy once I get it done after 2 days of working and finding what is right to do. So, let us start on installation, but a little history first. I see that Bitnami has put quite a few Redmine VM Images on […]

  • Quality assurance

    Hi, One of my friend told me that they have a QA department in their company. I ask him what is QA ? and get this old word in new look “Quanlity Assurance”. At that time I neglect that word and doesn’t bother about it, as i don’t know what it is and why we […]

  • Resource Management

    I have been working as Software Developer from last 2 yrs. During this time I come across lot of good and bad things about project management. To my experince with project management most of project we got in trouble are due to bad coding level or bad planning of project. These are two things that […]