Category: ASP.NET

  • ZedGraph

    Recently I finish a .NET 3.5 based desktop application, where I need to make graphs. For this I search few open source, ready to use library and with help of, I am able to find one such good library called ZEDGraph. However, it seems this project is no longer active, but it has a […]

  • GridView bug that fire RowCommand twice

    I was trying my hands on .NET 3.5, and discover that Gridview was firing Rowcommand twice for my ImageButton that is draw using ButtonField Column. Later I found that this is  a bug/unexpected behaviour from out of the box Gridview. I found some solution on internet that can be seens in detail here: It […]

  • Running ASP.NET securely

    This blog article tells the story and how to secure the ASP.NET in shared hosting environment or for matter those want to restricted ASP.NET for some good reason  Hope it helps

  • Progress bar for long running ASP.NET scripts

    Though I have posted in my old blog, but just to keep track of this.. This article suggest a method on how to show progress bar in your web application.

  • Community Server : a Great Software

    Recently I need a site for my brother, where he want to install some forum, so he can help other in his 3D related software, and animation modelling techinque. Since I am using GoDaddy’s Windows hosting which is not so good for PHP open source software, I look for ASP.NET software in that term. And […]

  • Two Forms in ASP.Net

    Hi, As any other ASP.Net developer, I was not feeling comfortable with only one form concept that ASP.Net has (not sure about v2.0 as never work on it). Also, when you have to put something like google Search or other such service on your Site and place for such “explicit” forms are in middle of […]