Category: Automation

  • Blog Post Rewrite using ChatGPT

    So just use ChatGPT to get my first blog post rewritten. Here is outcome: Welcome to my blog! My name is Sumit Gupta and I am a computer software professional. You can find more information about me on my website: Thank you for visiting my blog. I change URL to new one now. I […]

  • Regasm 64bit or 32bit through Windows Installer in Visual Studio

    Well, nothing much to say, this article is taken from Thanks Leon, just for my own bookmarking here are step. [Article is taken as it is from Leon’s article.] Realising that I couldn’t be the only person who’s having this problem, I’ve decided to share the code to assist others. All you need to do […]

  • Excel Automation Add-In for Office 64bit Check List

    After days of research, hit and trail; today I finally got a working 64bit Excel Automation Add-In. I am using Visual Studio 2010 [.NET 4.0 client profile framework].  1. Create a Project using Visual Studio Office 2010 template “Excel 2010 Add-In”. [I opt for this as I need Ribbon UI too, if you don’t need […]