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Sending inline Image using C#.NET

Recently i have to send an inline image in my outgoing automated email. I don’t know that it was that easy..

Read this article for sending inline image using C#.NET

Sumit Gupta

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Strength of .NET

Since I start programming on Microsoft.NET framework, I read that .NET framework has support for multiple languages.

I use two -three such languages for my work, Microsoft well know Visual Studio provide support for few languages. Most of programmer restrict themself to these handy tools, rest change their programming language as they don’t know that their language also support .NET framework.

Well read this  and tell me if your language is not their 🙂

.NET Programming

Creating on-the-fly PDF using C#.NET

Few days back I post about how to create PDF using PHP. But I always wonder How can I do it using .NET Framework, as what I found that PDF library for .NET are more than total project cost. But thanks to Open source developer I found few libraries out their for free.

  One that works for me is iTextSharp hosted on SourceForge.NET. My friend for life SourceForge Always comes good with its code collection.

I try its VB example first, that are for Windows Application. But it hardly matters for me. As they run perfectly when I try to use them for ASP.NET application.

Though my project is in C#, I use the C# library by adding it as new project to my solution and than using its name spaces as in its VB.NET Tutorial example. All works so perfect that I cannot explain.


Two Forms in ASP.Net


As any other ASP.Net developer, I was not feeling comfortable with only one form concept that ASP.Net has (not sure about v2.0 as never work on it). Also, when you have to put something like google Search or other such service on your Site and place for such “explicit” forms are in middle of your Only “Runat Server form” how will you put the other forms …

Well what I did is simply use IFrame, capabilities of web browsers. I simply make a HTML page of Google search, and using IFrame call that page. now since it load explicit HTML page, you don’t have to worry about nested form, but simply about how it looks.

though It has a disadvantage that , on older browser your site might not be viewable, but who cares about old stuffs … every body you should get new browser after all browser are free 🙂

Sumit Gupta