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  • Community Server : a Great Software

    Recently I need a site for my brother, where he want to install some forum, so he can help other in his 3D related software, and animation modelling techinque. Since I am using GoDaddy’s Windows hosting which is not so good for PHP open source software, I look for ASP.NET software in that term. And […]

  • Sending inline Image using C#.NET

    Recently i have to send an inline image in my outgoing automated email. I don’t know that it was that easy.. Read this article for sending inline image using C#.NET Sumit Gupta

  • Strength of .NET

    Since I start programming on Microsoft.NET framework, I read that .NET framework has support for multiple languages. I use two -three such languages for my work, Microsoft well know Visual Studio provide support for few languages. Most of programmer restrict themself to these handy tools, rest change their programming language as they don’t know that […]

  • Creating on-the-fly PDF using C#.NET

    Few days back I post about how to create PDF using PHP. But I always wonder How can I do it using .NET Framework, as what I found that PDF library for .NET are more than total project cost. But thanks to Open source developer I found few libraries out their for free. Â  One […]

  • Two Forms in ASP.Net

    Hi, As any other ASP.Net developer, I was not feeling comfortable with only one form concept that ASP.Net has (not sure about v2.0 as never work on it). Also, when you have to put something like google Search or other such service on your Site and place for such “explicit” forms are in middle of […]