Flash website, Do you need Designer or Programmer?

Recently I worked on few website, that were solely made up in flash. These sites looks good, a background music playing, pages change with some animation. Obviously HTML page cannot look better then flash. I was very excited to work on this website. But soon my excitement goes away, when I have to fix the programming error done by designer.

It was sometime really hard to explain clients that designer is not a programmer. This is what happen in project I am working right now. Client reach a Flash animator and ask him to make website, and put image gallery, music gallery, event gallery all through XML. Designer has read some XML reading code from Search engine, and copy paste those code without understanding the use or it. And now I have to fix all those issues, you can understand the mess by following example.

In main menu I have a about 7 menu buttons, now client ask me to put Authentication one section, so my obvious choice is to put check on button click so when user click that button we check authentication. and to make that one Button click capture I have to make changes to atleast 10 buttons, as designer use lot of Keyframes, and movieclip per different situtations.

Hope if some client read this article he understand that you should contact a team if you want to flash website, Only a Programmer or Only a Designer cannot make good flash website.