Multithreading : How important it is for human

I just finish on windows application, that need to parse Given webpage for some data, and store them in CSV format. As this project is not too big, I never plan to use high end concepts and very  complex exceptional handling.

Similarly I never  plan to use multithreading in my application. Every thing works perfect, except human mind for the application. When  I send that application to client to test, he runs it to perfection, but as my application generate log of what it has done, customer want to scroll that Text Box to read that log. Since I never user Multithreading. As soon as he start the application my application goes, in loop that make the application appear Hanged, as it stop the user Interface from getting refreshed, Though I call Application.DoEvents() in between but nothing happens. Its only than I realize,  I should use Multithreading in my application, so I can Update my User Interface so client doesn’t get that feeling.

So I simply make a new thread during application startup and put every thing I wrote in Button Clicked function in a new function that, I need to pass as parameter to my new thread. And on button click simply Start and Stop of thread does rest of work.

I hardly increase my code by 10 lines but it gives a pleasent interface to user. This is why multithreading is important in today’s word.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.