SELinux and Apache Permission Denied


Today I have new problem with my apache 2.0 installation. It stop Picking document root files and give Permission denied Error in Apache Error log for those folders … Seems strange to me.

I give FULL permission to that folder, try each and every combination of permission and owner that I think should work, but no use.

Why … as this is first time I was running apache on SELinux enable system. It is “Extended Security for Linux”

Thanks to this post in Experts Exchange I got the solution

Last comment by kbensch is correct solution

It says to check the object Permission in extended mode with

ls -Z /dir/where/www/root/will/be

and than change it to permit httpd service to use it as its own data rather than users data using

chcon -R -h -t httpd_sys_content_t /dir/where/www/root/will/be
Though not sure what effect it has on user accessing this data … as i am still new to linux and it has Extended Security now …

Thanks to Experts exchange to bank that question for me 🙂

Sumit Gupta
(My Experts Exchange UserName is VIkasumit :o) )