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Make A Beautiful World

There has been a time when I feel low. During that time I often try to do things that cheers me up. And I feel what cheers a human more but try to make a beautiful world. Thinking that I initiate my effort by creating a facebook page: .Not sure what I Can change with it, but I try to put happy things around in it whenever I got chance so everyone else have a happy day.

So let us join and really try to make a beautiful world. Help Human and nature ..

HTML/CSS Programming

Facebook SDK: IE redirect loop

Recently we had problem with Facebook SDK, that on IE it remain in redirect loop and hence our facebook application was not working. I test it to find that it wasn’t getting the session detail on form submission. The reason is Security policy of IE that prevent 3rd Party Cookie drop which is required for SDK to work.

Finally got it working by throwing following header:


For now I just copy paste it from some site, but be careful all those words has different meaning and you may not want to throw all those words. Hope that help.

This same applies not just to facebook SDK, but anyone using a iframe application with cookie support.

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Social Networking: Twitter or Facebook or Both

I have my Facebook and Twitter account operating from last several months. I have friends and follower on both. But with time I start feeling bored with Twitter. Twitter is where I can post what I am doing, or what I feel in one line. It is good to share what I do exact at the moment, but in a day I cannot share that I am sitting now, and standing up all day. Can you do that? I see most of celebrities just doing that they are going X- place, they are going for lunch, etc etc. What is the use of it ?

On the other hand, if I create a page on facebook, I still can put same comments there and in return my friends can comment on my individual page that are visible to all. On Twitter if I post 10 comments, I cannot see all reply in a “Group” of conversation, but on Facebook it looks better organized. Managing multiple accounts is really hard for a day to day professional, if they are not marketing with their friends.

I am also surprise by the Privacy issue that occur in those public social networking site. But I want to tell that if you are doing Social Networking, then people will learn about you. Don’t they start knowing you when you meet a strange everyday while jogging, or when you meet friend of friend of friend in some meeting or get to gathers. If you are using some public website [especially at no cost/free] you can expect them to use those information for advertise or other stuffs. Why you share most personal stuff there ? Just use it to a limit of been public or don’t go Social at all.

Anyways, Twitter needs to improve its functionality the idea was good, but with like of Facebook, myspace having their own status message with commenting and “like” feature they are more useful as compare to twitter. Twitter account is good if you link it to get auto update from all other site, other than that there is no use of it.

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SumitGupta.NET on Facebook

Well I had my Blog on my facebook profile, but then I realise it can be available to you as well, All you have to do is just add to your application in facebook and then you can get the blog as one of facebook application for yourself.

So, add application and remain updated on latest technology through my blog :).

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Facebook business Page

Now a days reaching millions of people is much easier and inexpensive then traditional ways. Facebook with its large community of people around the globe is certainly one of the best way to reach millions of people easily. To help in your reach Facebook provide creation of business Page to suite your need. I got few projects in past where we do thos page design for client’s business and help them promote their business.

I got our company page as well, though currently it is under construction, but soon we will have it live.