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WordPress 3.0: First Impression

I just realize that wordpress 3.0 is launched some 16 hrs ago, so I thought to give it a try. I got so excited that I forgot to take my backup on my WordPress 2.9.2 [current thus far] and just press automatic upgrade. I wait thinking what if it goes wrong ? But nothing goes wrong !!! All I get after clicking that button is new admin interface. Front end remains the same [Ofcourse I didn’t change its theme ].

Hmm I check my Admin, it has new color theme, but what is new here except that ? They says it is major release I didn’t see any big difference. Go to Change list of WordPress. My god they fix more than 1200 bugs… I was using that bugging software.. or they mean over the RC release of WordPress 3.

My theme is very old, probably I should get a new, as it is doesn’t have latest features from wordpress 3.0. But one thing in Change List that excite me is “Menu” or “Custom menu” Nice utility, and shows that wordpress developer did realise that wordpress is more than just Blogging software. It is a Complete CMS now [I install wordpress for more than 50 clients as CMS only in last 2 yrs].

I read about MU merged in WordPress but not really very excited. I am not a SEO guy to build 100 of site to promote my $20 product. But it is good if you are one. I don’t see any real use other than that for MU wordpress. Maybe as a company owner I should use it to allow my developer/team to start blogging..hmm that is nice option for that feature.

Anyways, this is my first post after upgrade hope it works fine when I submit this. Let see how it goes.

BTW GOOD WORK Guys !!! WordPress really worth a shot anywhere everywhere.