ASP.NET MVC 5: Session not working

Just encounter an issue with ASP.NET MVC 5, the sessions are not working. i.e. when I put a value in controller like Session[“mysession”], it do not shows the same value in Views or in fact anywhere else. Search online, some create custom classes to manage them, and some give different patch, finally got the easiest solution. Just add “Session_Start” function call in Global.asax file and we are good to go.

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MVC : First Encounter

I have been reading about upcoming of MVC from quite few years, but I never feel the need of it. It is surprisingly but yes, I never feel of MVC in web development. I have created my own coding pattern which is good for most programming I have seen in my career. But still MVC always seems to attract me. So finally I decide to give it a try. I remember I try it with CodeIgnitor in PHP previously and was not very impressed with idea of MVC as I see it not quite upto the task as anyother framework it tend to load those load of script that are necessary to run MVC and the framework fine. Sometime you never need that many files. But still I was wondering why people look for something in that line? Well you never learn answer of such question unless you try yourself. So, I try it with .NET 4.0, when I got a chance to make a mobile website. I have to make a really small website and I feel it is best for to learn during this website development. I start it out with video tutorial and thanks to Scott Hanselman’s webcast I get my mind clear on MVC concepts in .NET and what is MVC in general.

Though MVC looks promising but I feel it is not probably not very mature or maybe not a good idea for big projects. I feel it little complex to make architecture of application with MVC as compare to transition event driven programming or procedural programming of old PHP. But yes it is way to dynamic and based on naming convection and assumption/concepts. Which make it cool. At first it looks good to me, but my second thought came in, if dynamic binding is that good then why we need Strong Data Type in applications? Why .NET or Java strats like that and why PHP is going for OOPS programming which again become strong data type somewhere? Isn’t it slow to use dynamic binding then to static binding?

MVC is good for Expertise in either programming, designing or database handling. This make it good choice for enterprise software but definiately for a Geek programmer I feel it is not upto the mark. BTW why a geek programmer care about what is buzz in market, he do his job perfect anyways.

I am confused about MVC , I am not sure if I will adopt it in my future programming yet or will wait for something better to come up. Any advice.