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  • Experience with BitBucket CI

    I have been using bitbucket for quite sometime, and really like their service. Recently, I come to know that they have Beta of CI through pipeline, that can run any docker from Docker hub. I thought to give it a try though I have my own build setup on my local machine and really don’t […]

  • MySql 5.5 : funny about it

    Just saw the release note of MySql 5.5. Looks exciting upgrade, but what looks most funny about the software is the fact that they claim to improve performance by 1500% on windows [some 372% on linux]. Looks great work by them. But I found this information funny, as my some Open source lover friends always […]

  • MySQL : Crash and Upgrade

    Today, I face a new problem with MySQL. I got the database to crash quite a few times since morning. Event logs shows that there is a fault in mysqld.exe, but that error was not very clear on specific reason of fault. After searching for articles and forums, I got a hint that in past […]

  • MySQL WorkBench : New GUI

    I was looking at MySQL.com and found a new GUI, which came as replacement of old MYSQL administrative GUI. My impression was not good to learn that they have something new, as I thought it might be just that they get their old interface opensourced or something. But when I install this application, hmm .. […]

  • MySQL “Server has gone away” error

    A useful like to know the reason of “Server has gone away” error of MySQL. http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/mysql-tip-mysql-server-has-gone-away-or-lost-connection-to-server-during-query-fix/ It has very good information on why it happens, so you can check and correct the error.

  • Comparing Date Range (Date Interaction checking through SQL)

    As title says, I was looking to compare User give date range with date range saved in mysql Database. I search internet and found a great ┬ásmall function that solve this problem for me, though they create a function for some programming language but I use same function in mysql (as per mysql syntax) and […]