Self Hosted Web Service: WebServiceHost

So today I learn about WebServiceHost. Just a normal class but it does a lot for me today. This host the web service within you Desktop/Windows Service application. i.e. you don’t need to install any Web server or other stuff, just create a Service Contract Class and use WebServiceHost to host it within your application.¬†

I need this as part of my project, because I have to pass some server information to my application. I initially create a Seperete web application for this, but why maintain another application and increase setup time when I can host it within. I need it for just one particular value to be pass in JSON format to my client side. However one thing I must tell here is that the Host server application must be running as Administrative¬†privilege or the service won’t start. For Windows Service run application as “LocalSystem” rather than default LocalService to keep it working.

It solve lot of problem and architectural issue I had in my project.