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  • WordPress: Custom Post Permalink giving 404

    In most of wordpress project we do, we have few custom post type and taxonomy. We use a nice plugin called “PODs” for the same. It is good plugin, we try some other in different project and most of them serve the purpose pretty well. But today we found something, or rather just an overlook stuff. […]

  • How to Programmatically Add Multi Language Post in WordPress and WPML

    I recently need to create wordpress post programmatically. It is so easy with wp_insert_post. However, the twist is how to add it using WPML for multi language support. WPML is nice plugin, but I didn’t find straight forward answer to it. Than I found a nice article from Ionuț Staicu, that does what I need. And […]

  • Video Shopping Plugin

    Just finish coding major stuff of Video plugin for wordpress that enable Purchase of Video and then view to only registered members. This use Paypal Express Checkout as payment gateway. Love coding on wordpress at time, though it is not as good as doing in custom CMS, but still very much a home for me […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Localization

    This is quick steps on how to create your own Language file for wordpress plugin. I hope you know that you can call wordpress localization functions as echo __(‘text your want to display’, ‘your-unique-language-textdomain’);  This localization is done using internal function of wordpress, where it load language file for given language wordpress is set, and […]

  • WordPress: Black and White Post Overlay Image

    One of my client ask us to create Black and white thumbnail for wordpress blog post that on mouse over turn coloured. This is pretty common effect now a days and with my custom PHP or ASP.NET programming we usually create black and white image at time of upload and save it. This is what […]

  • .htaccess Hack

    Today, I got another wordpress that stop working and start giving 404 error. Previously client got it fixed by removing .htaccess from his installation and get it working. I thought he might mess his wordpress himself. But when we got similar error today I search and little and find that in .htaccess there is a […]

  • WordPress 3.0: First Impression

    I just realize that wordpress 3.0 is launched some 16 hrs ago, so I thought to give it a try. I got so excited that I forgot to take my backup on my WordPress 2.9.2 [current thus far] and just press automatic upgrade. I wait thinking what if it goes wrong ? But nothing goes […]