ASP.NET – How Good How Bad


I am currently working as web programmer in a company that host and design the website. Here we use PHP as our server side scripting language till we got our first programme in ASP.NET. Now, the problem is that only I know the ASP.NET in my company and as I am new as I doesn’t have Exp. they doesn’t give me the project but tell one of there senior developer to learn ASP.NET. Well Teaching that person ASP.NET is fun as I always thought ASP.Net is best but when we sit together and see if and but on ASP.Net we found that it is sometime get in much deep of topics like security.

In normal web site we have develop a user is hardly concern of security but concern on speed. Even our company site is build using PHP and have no security issue till date. So, Is it really good to have a programming language as secure as ASP.NET My opinion change to “NO” as most of site in developing nation is not require that much headace as ASP.NET can give and it is not for the normal programmer.

I like Microsoft Technology more an other company simple because I feel they have somethink to give for your money. But ASP.NET is not recommended if you are not building site like,, or even but it is not for site like as it is not bigger site but only there data is bigger.

That only my thought on ASP.NET

Bye for now

Sumit Gupta