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  • C++ code complete

    Yes, I complete my first C++ code, it took me around 10 Hours to write simple code, which an expert might take only 2 hrs to write, but since there are few things that I never tried in C++, and with my other work load, its good to do that in that less time… Now, […]

  • C++ : Quite a Good thing

    As a Programmer you always want to program in C++, but also if you don’t know this language you don’t dare to learn it: atleast this is what I saw in my surrounding and fellow developers. I learn C++ while doing my high school, this experience doesn’t include any work commerical project or for matter […]

  • LDAP: What it is?

    I just configure my first LDAP server installation on Linux machine. A Directory service running on port no 389, that can be used for Authentication, Directory listing of person and Organization resources like computer, printer etc. is known as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocal). Don’t know whats light in it :o). I used OpenLdap server […]

  • Making Mail Server

    I have been trying establishing local mail server, so far so ..boring. Its 3 days I have been doing this, First I thought Exim fulfill all my requirements, I never heard of any other software other than MTAs for this requirement. I thought Exim alone is enough for making Mail server, but I was wrong, […]


    Just a difficult task for me to put in words, But I got my new domain, My special thanks to my Mr. Rajesh Gupta. He help me setting up this domain, so that I can shift my blog to it. Soon I will shift my Blog to its new address, or maybe I start […]

  • Perl Package

    Have you ever heard of Classes. OR You must have heard of packages.. I have wrote few perl scripts for my on going Project. I use procedural programming logic and perform the action I want my perl script to do. It goes all good. But one day I got a project analysis task, It’s about […]

  • Frontpage finally done

    In my Last post I refer that I have install Frontpage extension for Apache. It looks like that I have complete all the things that are required, but when I try to “Extend” a Virtual Host on my apache server it fails, till later in the day I found the correct syntax to do the […]