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  • Installing FrontPage Extension on Apache 2.0

    Installing Frontpage Extension on Apache … what a great pleasure for any computer savvy techie, Making microsoft product work on Open source. To add to my pleasure, I have to do this installation on CentOs 3.6 (since its old version you don’t get much people tell you answer but, they are already there to search). […]

  • New Projects

    While surfing on Internet I come across one very good site for Software developer, Microsoft Research Projects Download : Lot of Cool Development projects are there for developer, Though I didn’t get much time to review any one of them, but there title is making me feel that I am far behind in software development […]

  • Elinks : Text based web browser

    Wayback in 2000 why I first take a look at Linux OS I wasn’t sure what it is, for me its just a part of my computer course. There I learn RedHat 6.2 Linux and few software I take a look there are vi, pico, lynx. Lynx is Text Based web browser i used I […]

  • Vacation are over

    Hi, After 3-4 years I at last have a week long vacation. This is first time since I was in professional software development that I remain away from computer for that long. And its worth remaining away from it atleast for me. Now I feel refresh and feel more focused on my work…or maybe not […]

  • Domain Name : What they are ?

    If you are a proud owner of some website, you might have think of getting a deticated webserver for your site. And lot of us now have there own web server that are fully controlled by them. aah, not by them but by some applications called Cpanel, Plesk, webmin, etc etc. Using these application you […]

  • My New Project : I wonder why I am in team

    Hi, when I start working on my new project which is about managing Linux Server for web hosting requirements, Everyone near me is excited and they have very little idea about how to do this. Even I was wondering how can this be done as I am on of two members in our team working […]

  • Starting new Blog

    Hi, I have started new blog with my Friend sandeep. On this blog we are putting what we have discovered on Linux. Visit our Linux Blog and let us know your feedback and correct us if we are wrong there. Thanks Sumit Gupta