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  • Linux command Alias

    Hi, Today I was reading making Script that runs as soon as user logs in to their linux box. During this research I found one interesting thing… Command alias, In my words short cut to the existing big command is called Command Alias. If you have used Fedore Core you may have used “ll” command […]

  • My First Shell Script

    Hi all, Below is my first shell script to read the “.conf” files in given folder and let the user select one of the file or to select all of the file. This script is half part of a application that read the different configure files in Linux Based system and allow user to use […]

  • Cool Game

    Hi, Now a days I am busy playing Conquer Online. I love playing such game. if you any please post comment Thanks Sumit Gupta

  • XPath in .Net

    Hi, Recently, I was working on XML Parsing using ASP.Net. In this I have to AED (Add/edit/delete) Nodes as user enter data, I am comfortable with adding nodes as I have to create Element and just do… objXml.AppendChild(newchildnode) it works find, but when I have to delete which is more conditional and for me is […]

  • PHP and ASP.Net for Designer Studio

    Hi, Lately, I have to work to make a T-Shirt designer Studio in two site, the difference is that two site were made in PHP and ASP.Net respectively. But the common this that comes as most difficult part in this is obviously designer studio itself. So, what exactly my problems are with studio, well both […]

  • Remember Me – A Common Mistake

    Hi, Today I will be discussing common mistake I have seen new programmer does. You have observed often that there is a small Checkbox lying just below your Password field in most of the site. You often Check that box so that next time you visit that site you don’t need to get yourself logged […]

  • Talent Counts Nothing

    I have been in Software industry for 2 years now, and this is what I feel. If you are “Talented” no one needs you. If you know how to solve problems and can do stuff that really doesn’t matter, atleast this is what I feel. As employeer only need his company grow, no matter what […]