C++ : Quite a Good thing

As a Programmer you always want to program in C++, but also if you don’t know this language you don’t dare to learn it: atleast this is what I saw in my surrounding and fellow developers.

I learn C++ while doing my high school, this experience doesn’t include any work commerical project or for matter any kind of project accept making some basic Alogrithm Function that one learn while learning any programming language. But since than, I never touch C++, I always want to programme in it.

Know I get a chance to try my hand in this Dream Language of mine. I have to make Custom Authentication Module for Courier Imap, and you know what I doesn’t know any Unix Standard for this as I never work on C++ for *nix System.

Though I haven’t write my code yet, but tomorrow (if come for me :o) ) I will write that historic code for me, My First Professional C++ Code, and I will ask my company to allow me to post it on Net for every one looking for that code. (but don’t be hopefully in getting code, but you know you can asking on how to do it anytime.)

So I am waiting for “tomorrow” to come only 17 Hrs + left for me to write that code…

waiting …
Sumit Gupta