Making Mail Server

I have been trying establishing local mail server, so far so ..boring. Its 3 days I have been doing this, First I thought Exim fulfill all my requirements,
I never heard of any other software other than MTAs for this requirement. I thought Exim alone is enough for making Mail server, but I was wrong, Exim fulfill one of the requirement for mail server. and it is only a MTA (Mail transfer Agent) that transfer emails from one server to other,

But it doesn’t implement POP3 and IMAP which is required for a Mail client to recieve emails from your Mailbox on to your windows or linux desktop machine.

But good point is that I easily found other required software for the purpose like courier which I am also installing on my Mail server.

Hope fully I will get it complete today itself, Getting lots of error, but good point is still going ahead

-Sumit Gupta