ASP.NET is it Really Easy to do things? – My First Experince


As my first projects in ASP.NET Progress , I really asked myself, Is ASP.NET is really that Easy language to do things?

Let me Make Comparsion of it…
In PHP and Mysql combo I need to show Show Some data from Database and allow user to sort the Data on any coloumn..

What I get is 300 Lines of code for this… I shows All data Make a hidden field where user can click a Title and Coloumn sorting is done…
Simple Function for Paging (like I explain in my Paging Tutorial )

And too Achieve this in ASP.Net and Ms SQl Server..
I will be using Data Grid , Assign Property for Sorting and Pagings… Some less code written by me and Some more code added by Designer window of VS

Every thing works equally So, I just cannot realise whats the difference here…

Now, What I realise is this I write a code in ASP.Net much faster than in PHP as I have to Drag and drop Data Grid, I have to write less code no matter if lot of code is added by Deisgner window.

So, for me written a single page script is no difference, So where you can find the difference in these two languages…

Well, I can say that in Application level I really find ASP.Net a much organise way of doing things, but really it need you to put in some extra efforts as well. These extra efforts are Called as “Analysis” and found at Top of SDLC chart.

If you miss this part please never use ASP.NET for your project, you will end with the application that has lot of bugs, And this is the only thing that make me to write this POST, my first ASP.NET project without any Analysis …

As a coder I cannot do much when your project manager are not there to do anaylsis, So chossing a language is not a fun, it is a most important thing for me from now on.

And Hope to get finish these projects as soon as possible

Sumit Gupta