Azure: First Experience

After a long time finally get time and reason to touch base with Azure Service. It was great experience working with it thus far. My client want to move his website from a regular host to something that we can easily manage. We are not keen to hire a server admin to do stuff for us in detail. Anyways, Azure give us platform just for that. 

So, I try to create VM on Azure as when we talk to Customer representative about our requirement they suggest us to use VM instead of website. And it was super simple to create VM. Well, i use other service to create VM or reconfigure VM, and Azure ask little more questions, but still if you know what you are doing it is not hard to answer those. 

Once we have VM up and running we use SQL Azure to install 5GB database and configure it by importing database using SQL Azure Database Import Wizard a community managed Wizard software. Things really went smooth. 

What impress me most is the fact that 1 GB of backup file gets downloaded in just 4 minute straight, I have use lot of big name VM host, but really most of them do not have that much speed as I see here. In fact some of dedicated server that I use do not have such high internet access speed.

The interface is fast, I really going to test it further to see its extreme. As my client says, I work on it as if I am using it 10th time. I never feel like I am doing it for first time. 

Anyone want his site to move to Azure.. I am really looking to do that for you.