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  • Blog Post Rewrite using ChatGPT

    So just use ChatGPT to get my first blog post rewritten. Here is outcome: Welcome to my blog! My name is Sumit Gupta and I am a computer software professional. You can find more information about me on my website: Thank you for visiting my blog. I change URL to new one now. I […]

  • Interviewing during Covid – No face impression

    In past we hear about “first impression is last impression”, this expression is used mainly for the first meeting of person. In deed in those days there were no phones or internet to associate it with other mean of meeting then meeting face to face. Things change, saying remain same and still give same results. […]

  • Quit, Quite, Quiet : A Year has gone

    It is interesting how these three word summarize my last year. I quit lot of things that were stopping me. I quit to go down. However it is not entirely true that I succeed in my quest. Though, I am certainly at better perspective of life. I have quite interesting events happen all around me, […]

  • Linux Upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04: Save the day

    So, this fine sunday, I think I wake with “lets spoil the day” mood. I start by checking my server to see how it is doing. A regular log view and updates I perform on my VPS. all was good, until I realise an update is available for my billing software. I decide to purchase […]

  • Next step to development team

    In my last post I try to define what motivate me to learn new things. Also, I try to show that I really believe in learning new things. In this blog, I will try to define the basic things a team need for developer productivity. This list may not be what most agree, some might […]

  • Learning is GOOD

    I am working as developer for quite sometime now. I worked as developer in couple of companies, then hire few to assist me. But never need or know the concept of unit test. Or rather I would say it was forgotten to small team like us. But as I start working more and more as […]

  • Reading Large Binary Files: Child Play

    Yes, that was funny title, but after your experience it you will agree to me. So, here is the story. I have been working on a software that read some recording from hardware device to database, we have 45 records per second for 30 days, so it is about 30x24x60x60 record entry with 45 columns […]