Learning is GOOD

I am working as developer for quite sometime now. I worked as developer in couple of companies, then hire few to assist me. But never need or know the concept of unit test. Or rather I would say it was forgotten to small team like us. But as I start working more and more as one man army, I start to realize that I need something that will help me test what I develop. I need something that make my code readable to me if not world. I need something that make my life easier.

This was never a thought for me, or most developer around us. But as soon as I have to work on old projects that my team start developing and left in between, I realize that I am missing something that make me a better programmer. But, today after practicing few good concepts like unit testing, clean code, code documentation, code formatting, life has been much simpler. I know to any good experienced developer this sounds like, “What? You are talking basic here”. But reality is most 1-200 people companies I worked in around here do not follow these stuffs. They mostly care only to deliver some visual to client so they get paid. This has been a bitter truth around, that never impress me.

I knew, this is not right and what I am doing, no matter how good I do, I am doing it wrong way. So, I start learning new concepts, start upgrading myself. Now, I can see myself standing near the edge of developer crowd that deserve to be called a developer. I am not part of that crowd which just struggle to survive because their code always fails.

If you are starting your career, it is important to find a better company even if he is alone like me, than a companies that pay you better salary, but lack the way a developer should work. In my future post I try to define what needs to be learned for a beginner. As I want beginners to not repeat my mistakes. I don’t want to waste their life’s 10 yrs figuring it out that they start at wrong place.

I am looking for some developer to assist me, if they are ready to work like professional should. But I am very unfortunate, as I only meet countable few which are ready to take on better steps, most only sounds like they want to do good. My hunger for learn will never die. I can comfortably says, learning is my food for life. It is new things that keep me on edge of my seat, and I will learn everything I can.

I am no more a Desktop Only Programmer, I am not only a Web developer, but I am a Mobile App Developer and I can built app for Apple, Android and Windows. This is addition to my skills of Windows Desktop, Linux command line tools, web apps and Web site add-on.

I just keep repeating to myself, that I should always keep looking something to learn. I will keep doing that.

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