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Why we don’t need VPS?

Late last year, I was pretty happy to have a budget to take a VPS for my company. This was first server that we own. What a great feeling to have it. But soon the great feeling becomes a nightmare. It was not that hosting company is not that good, it was just that the VPS are not good in general. I am talking about it after using atleast 10 VPS server from 3-4 different companies. Fortunately I invest only in one of them.

Coming back to topic, here are reasons why I hate VPS now:
1. VPS is said to be cheaper, But for whom? You or hosting companies? Companies with good reputation or resources gives a VPS starting at $60 per month for just a 1GB RAM, with 30GB HDD. IF you compare it with Dedicate server with low end they ends up with 160 GB HDD and 2 GB RAM. for about $100. But to get that configuration you need to spend over $100. So comparatively they are not cheap.

2. When I buy a VPS I read that my VPS will be hosted on Cloud network and hence if a VPS fails for some reason it get up again on next node in network and reduce the downtime. Unfortunately my VPS Hosting GRID failed and it dump my data for 48 hrs, before they can fix the node. I was not alone but all people having their VPS on that grid lost valuble 48hrs waiting for their server. Later it took 15 days to get my hosting to move my VPS to new GRID as even after 48 hrs they said they still need to do few maintenance and my VPS will do roller coaster during that time. If I have Dedicated server and if some hardware fails it took less than 2 hrs to get it up live. But if VPS grid’s hardware fails who grid gets overloaded from other VPS and reduce performance. Plus changinge their hardware wasn’t easy. This is what I had experience on my server and unfortunately on client’s hosting when their Hosting [different my mine] fails for them too.

3. VPS should not be confused with Cloud Hosting. VPS are virtual machine, and even if they are hosted on Cloud Network they are not Cloud hosting for your purpose, they are as good as dedicate machine. IF your VPS fails, or shutdown, your website will be down. You won’t get shifted or reboot, becuase machine is down not a network. It is like notepad crashing on your computer. It do not effect computer otherwise. Cloud hosting are like shared hosting, where multiple computers store data, and a data replication happens on fallback node. then your webserver runs on different hardware on same grid and other application as well. So if say one web server fails there are other webserver available to take load of your application. But this is note the case with VPS machines. IF you take VPS you take a 1990’s computer as server don’t expect too much.

4. VPS is a concept of running more than one Operating system on given hardware. Like running Parallel to run Widows on Mac. Though it is been said that they share resources, but actually if you have a computer with 4 GB RAM running 2 VM with 2 GB RAM. do you think you get full 2GB RAM performance? the answer is NO. because at 4GB RAM there are 3 OS running. and one is using 4GB, while other 2 are using 2GB each, so they need 8GB in total, but it is not possible because we have 4GB. So the host operating system scarifice some of his RAM, maybe 3GB but it still be a 5GB. Same happens with CPU processing, Same with HDD. A HDD writes a 1xX speed if it has to write it for 3 OS will it write faster? no it still write 1xX and each os get only 1/3xX of speed.

In nutshell, if you are trying to save money by using VPS, then you better reconsider using a Shared hosting or a Dedicated server. Hosting 10 site on VPS will cost you $6 per month with no performance, where as shared hosting from decently good host will cost your just about same, but much better performance. And if you have enough money why not a Dedicated server or a Cloud hosting like Microsoft Azure, or Amazon S3 like services ?

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So, developers are extinct from this earth!!!

From last 6 months I have been facing a new challenge. Never expect that, I cannot explain how non-imaginary thing it is. Been a software development company, what happens if you don’t have a developer? Yes this is been the case with not just me, but lot of companies in India. The reason lies in root of Recession we had 2 yrs back. At the time of recession, most software companies throw out not so good developer from their team, but they to survive in market they leave big countries like America, and look for project in other countries as well. Now when things start turning up good in big countries and their relationship become good in small too, they are getting twice works. Here they refers to big software companies, with big companies I mean companies with over 10K HR strength. This results in immediate need of developer to them, and guess what, they consume all available manpower for small companies like mine with only 8-10 developer without them.

This affects the business very badly. Since developers are less, their prices goes high and this results in price up at client end too. Will India start losing job to other emerging companies? Quite possibly. So, what I should do is the question arise to me? Not hard to find the answer once you desire. I got some plans workout, hope those remain in good effect until this shift is settled. My main target as of now is to remain in business, and I know how I can do it. So, let us wait and see.

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Browser War: My opinion

All major browser release an updated version for HTML 5. Lately I read few article on IE9 vs firefox 4 vs Chrome 10. Lot of people said lot of things. They did a benchmark test, run complex application on browser and show the difference in speed. Interestingly, in all of those test no one browser came out Standing on top. One browser win one test and second browser win other test. So what does all that mean to me as a internet user? Which browser I use? which browser is safest of all? which browser help my internet navigation habits?

The answer remain complex and in nutshell it is still unanswered. With this post I try to answer it for me. Maybe you find it helpful for you as well. They all are talking about the speed of browser. But what does it mean to me? If a browser loads a web page at 200 millisecond or 300 millisecond, does it make a difference to me? I mean I am not that fast to make difference in 100 milliseconds, even if it took 1 -2 extra second what I am going to loose ? If they talk about Javascript heavy load is faster with new engines, hmm let me check that. does my banking site use javascript, no. Does my email client use javascript, yes google and yahoo does, but in IE 6 or firefox 2-3 they still load in 20-25 secs and that is because my internet speed is that slow, so my browser anyways sit idle. Yet again, I got a bottle neck, my internet connection speed. So a speed doesn’t matter to me since it is been very little difference for a common man to feel it. However to speed up things they use cache which sometime does create problem for me that I have to clear my cache more often then in early days. Ah no body not that difference for me.

My Internet habit includes surfing of website after searching them in google and then opening the page in new tab. I love the more screen area all browser provided, and Firefox does it best of all for me. But I still see no difference at least considerable in my surfing habit because of new navigation structure. However i found it hard to “refresh” pages when they are still loading but got stuck due to my bad internet connection. I have to first stop them and wait a couple of second before old request was canceled and then reassign the new Open request. I miss that “Refresh/ Reload” button a lot. I need it back. Also in new UI, most browser make “Forward and backward” button big but they remove the refresh and reload button, man Website is suppose to visit LINK by LINK and not by move back and forward. When I move back and there was a form submit, it often get me stuck with it. So why they are promoting that back habit ?

Yet again, those new changes comes with some change in habit for making people not follow LINKs but use quick way of loading cached pages. Not a good idea for me.

Another change I note about browser is support for third party tool, hmm this is interesting. now I can share anything with my friends easily. Hey but why I want to share each and everything ? At work I don’t see it make sense at all, infact it is security risk as those 3rd party addon that help share might steal my bank account when I type it. Or maybe they just parse the page for no reason, slowing my slow internet yet again. I better switch those plugins.

On above someone give a note that I might consider the SAFE browser mode then, but hey why I keep switching things? I was on phone and my client want me to check my accounts, shall I ask my client hey wait I have to switch to safe mode first? or I better just type the name and go ahead.

But whatever it is, I am excited to see the growth in browser and love to see it more fruitful in future for me. I am a developer all those make sense for me as developer when I read benchmark reports. But it doesn’t make sense to me when I get involve with web as normal user. My choice of browser is not on what browser can do what, but I now make a habit of having 3-4 browser in my machine. Each one for each purpose. One for game, one for official/bank works and one for searching and surfing. So, I vote for each browser they are all equivalent and are same for me. It is just choice between what color of car you like to drive :).

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Make A Beautiful World

There has been a time when I feel low. During that time I often try to do things that cheers me up. And I feel what cheers a human more but try to make a beautiful world. Thinking that I initiate my effort by creating a facebook page: .Not sure what I Can change with it, but I try to put happy things around in it whenever I got chance so everyone else have a happy day.

So let us join and really try to make a beautiful world. Help Human and nature ..

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Working Lot of new methodology

It is good to back as programmer. Loving my new phase of development career, I got involved in development of a online card game. After lot of thinking and reading, I decide to use some new technology and methodology which I have been hearing about a lot. I don’t dare to use them as I feel the kind of project we were doing lately are not big enough to learn and implement those concepts. After for this project it really become necessity to these technology rather than just a decision making. For example to build a game UI, I have three option GDI+, DirectX or WPF.. I have done GDI+ before and doesn’t feel it is best to make complex Graphical interface even for like of poker game. Though I use it to build Chess Interface, but I know how problematic it was. Second came in DirectX, the best but the complex solution. I need more time to learn it and project is getting delayed. Then I choose to learn and work on WPF which is relatively easier than DirectX.

It was really a nice decision to choose WPF. It is not only easier for me to learn as I already have some experience in HTML and web programming, but it give me control which is best suited for programmer of my culture. With no efforts I am now able to create a better looking UI. Ofcourse I didn’t test the UI on Windowx XP yet, but otherwise it looks great. I am not going to test it on Windows XP anyways as we don’t going to support it. Once I have the UI ready. I need to now communicate with Online database. So for this I already know the solution called as Web Services. But where will I found the Web Service in Visual Studio 2010 .. oh I think they rename it as WCF.. nope, they make a new concept altogether called WCF. Hmm.. with past experience of webservice I know that it was the perfect solution for me, but again WCF is almost similar no difference to code, so what harm it does to use it. Afterall it bring some new security measure and ease. So I again learn WCF and it took me 1 hr to cover the difference between Web Service and WCF and I am up and ready with my solution.

Making game UI is really so exciting that I am now looking for opportunity to upgrade my Chess game to WPF interface. Programming is really fun with those concept of programming and tools that I learn in recent past. It was complex then before in planning, but easy to implement. However the attitude of programmer is they need something ease to plan and implementation they are not bothered. I must suggest using WPF and WCF in your project where you need them. I haven’t try but they says WPF and Silverlight has same code or reusable. Well if that is the case then surely I will start giving Silverlight solution in next quarter or so.

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MVC : First Encounter

I have been reading about upcoming of MVC from quite few years, but I never feel the need of it. It is surprisingly but yes, I never feel of MVC in web development. I have created my own coding pattern which is good for most programming I have seen in my career. But still MVC always seems to attract me. So finally I decide to give it a try. I remember I try it with CodeIgnitor in PHP previously and was not very impressed with idea of MVC as I see it not quite upto the task as anyother framework it tend to load those load of script that are necessary to run MVC and the framework fine. Sometime you never need that many files. But still I was wondering why people look for something in that line? Well you never learn answer of such question unless you try yourself. So, I try it with .NET 4.0, when I got a chance to make a mobile website. I have to make a really small website and I feel it is best for to learn during this website development. I start it out with video tutorial and thanks to Scott Hanselman’s webcast I get my mind clear on MVC concepts in .NET and what is MVC in general.

Though MVC looks promising but I feel it is not probably not very mature or maybe not a good idea for big projects. I feel it little complex to make architecture of application with MVC as compare to transition event driven programming or procedural programming of old PHP. But yes it is way to dynamic and based on naming convection and assumption/concepts. Which make it cool. At first it looks good to me, but my second thought came in, if dynamic binding is that good then why we need Strong Data Type in applications? Why .NET or Java strats like that and why PHP is going for OOPS programming which again become strong data type somewhere? Isn’t it slow to use dynamic binding then to static binding?

MVC is good for Expertise in either programming, designing or database handling. This make it good choice for enterprise software but definiately for a Geek programmer I feel it is not upto the mark. BTW why a geek programmer care about what is buzz in market, he do his job perfect anyways.

I am confused about MVC , I am not sure if I will adopt it in my future programming yet or will wait for something better to come up. Any advice.

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JavaScript: New Presentation

We all have experienced some cool effects while we do web surfing. Its Twitter, Facebook, Google, Windows Live website, whatever you name it, they all use great web interface easy and to the point user interaction. This all belongs to one unified solution Javascript. I have been using JS since I start web programming. I found working with Javascript is second best option after working on XNA Game framework. It wasn’t that good since start, but I really blame it on Jquery that it really make something which is good to something great. Recently I am using lot of Jquery modules and functions. This not only the presentation of our web work but it also reduce work to more organized way of coding.

However the JQuery is good in itself, but I realise that it depends on few things, and one of those is good HTML, if you are using Javascript especially with these libraries make sure you first validate your HTML. You don’t necessarily need to validate using HTML validator such as W3C validation, but a symmetric HTML is what you need. With Libraries like Jquery, I really wonder if we need Flash and Silverlight anymore ? Though I love to work on silverlight, never got a chance to use that in my project. But from Banner Flash to Jquery Banner, I opt for Jquery Banner, because they are simpler and faster to work. It took me 2 hrs to ingrate Paypal on HTML site, without making any new public page on site, as I just use Jquery Dialog to show the form and proceed with order. Client didn’t expect that and they are excited to get it that way. It make their money worth, and it ease out my work to make a form in template. which is indeed quite a work as compare to plain HTML form with no style at all.

If you are looking for web programming career, Javascript is must to learn with HTML. Without this if you want to be a programmer, then you won’t be. If you want any help on concept I am happy to help as it also help me learn more and more.