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New Future: undecided

Been involve in technical field, I have encounter lot of technical hurdles. There has been some new problem always, and I somehow manage to escape them by solving those problem. Though not all problems are solvable is what I learn overtime and you need to take different route to nullify the effect of such things. In last 3 years, I had a good time with all freedom I enjoying working on project that I love to and try to finish and accomplish them with my methods. It has been a great evolution process for my knowledge.

Though it doesn’t seems as comfortable now, as the difference between me and my dream has grown bigger. My dream is around building a team of technical person help or work with me to achieve goals we set. We want to achieve the standards we set over other counterpart of ours. Though the term team seems to be the biggest challenge to get at this stage. With economy going no where, finding good person is becoming equally hard. About 18 months ago, you will find all sort of talent around you, but now I see a downside which is effective by two things mainly:

1. No one is willing to take responsibility of work. It is not that this is uncommon thing to human, but it has increased a level where you just cannot trust your employee to any degree. Even if you pay them double the salary, but they know they are just employee and one day they use your double salary to get hired in another company with even more money.

2. Freedom from work, eventually you will read on internet or articles in magazine that people look for freedom at work, but I said they look for freedom from work. If you don’t ask them to follow your well tested methodology and don’t ask them to finish in time, they are happy to work for you, but otherwise they says we need freedom to work our way and hence they don’t like you.

These unfriendly act of candidate here leave me in two mind to go with them or not to go with them. I see some of them does has good thinking brain, but they are not willing to work. I can make good software but I am not god to make good human.

Always in search of good developer who help me go along, but I decide not to work with one who is not more than an employee. I will now work for great peoples only, either they are my client or my team members.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.

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