Landmark Rants

Experiment goes wrong

My blog was recently been taken out. I was experimenting on my Azure server that host the blog and accidently leave a unsecure port open on my server. Result, server was over used by hacker and Azure close me down. That is really nice of them that they did close me, because otherwise I might not know what is going wrong with my hosting as these things are easily ignored.

But I am back and close all issues and hope to continue with more precaution now on.


Blog: My thoughts Rants

Internet: Fun or frustration.

Since the interception of Internet, human being is evolved as more social animal then before. With use of internet increasing among human it was become fairly easy to stay in touch with your loved one. However as soon as Internet crazy is about to reach its height, mobile phone aka smartphone really turn the table in further fuel addition to social human being. However with Internet becoming an essential part of human life, getting a quality service is another tough call for them. It frustrate me most when my Internet is not working as compare to having a dead phone line. Need of quality service such as AT&T, O2, Verizon and other international player that provide quality Internet in mobile device are still very rare. It is even worst in country like India, where you expect service to be even better than those in most part of world.

With only less than 10% indian population is using Internet on daily basis, India still stand on top 5 internet using country. I have use quite a few internet service in recent past, but no real taker of quality of service. Even the most expensive service is just satisfactory and not really good. When I got my first smartphone, my excitement of using Internet on the go is vanished within 24 hrs, a 3G device was running less than 1MB/s speed having a 3G data plan on it.

India government has define some minimum speed limits, though those limits are way less than global standard and when it comes to quality of service they are even worst. Though, if I take a  look from what we have 5 years ago, it looks bit satisfactory. I remember I use Dial up connection as my first internet, and today I am using 2MB/s Speed on my desktop and 3G on my mobile device. Speed is good so as need of having speed. It took me 7 days to download a JDK in 1999, today it take me less 7 minutes to do so. It would be good, if quality of internet improve a little further, though I get 99% continued connectivity with my broadband connection, but having a consistent speed is big issue. Failing DNS is second major concern. Hope to get a better quality in next few months with evolution of need and standard supply/demand format of how economy works. If they provide speed/quality they will get demand and hence their supply increase their demand.

Blog: My thoughts Rants

New Future: undecided

Been involve in technical field, I have encounter lot of technical hurdles. There has been some new problem always, and I somehow manage to escape them by solving those problem. Though not all problems are solvable is what I learn overtime and you need to take different route to nullify the effect of such things. In last 3 years, I had a good time with all freedom I enjoying working on project that I love to and try to finish and accomplish them with my methods. It has been a great evolution process for my knowledge.

Though it doesn’t seems as comfortable now, as the difference between me and my dream has grown bigger. My dream is around building a team of technical person help or work with me to achieve goals we set. We want to achieve the standards we set over other counterpart of ours. Though the term team seems to be the biggest challenge to get at this stage. With economy going no where, finding good person is becoming equally hard. About 18 months ago, you will find all sort of talent around you, but now I see a downside which is effective by two things mainly:

1. No one is willing to take responsibility of work. It is not that this is uncommon thing to human, but it has increased a level where you just cannot trust your employee to any degree. Even if you pay them double the salary, but they know they are just employee and one day they use your double salary to get hired in another company with even more money.

2. Freedom from work, eventually you will read on internet or articles in magazine that people look for freedom at work, but I said they look for freedom from work. If you don’t ask them to follow your well tested methodology and don’t ask them to finish in time, they are happy to work for you, but otherwise they says we need freedom to work our way and hence they don’t like you.

These unfriendly act of candidate here leave me in two mind to go with them or not to go with them. I see some of them does has good thinking brain, but they are not willing to work. I can make good software but I am not god to make good human.

Always in search of good developer who help me go along, but I decide not to work with one who is not more than an employee. I will now work for great peoples only, either they are my client or my team members.

Rants Server Configuration

Plesk: Not Recommended

Lately I got a chance to work on lot of server. Working on 6-7 server in 15 days it not much for a full time server admin, but for a programmer who only manage server to fasten his development process is really long ask. During this process I have 2 encounter with Plesk and unfortunately both time Plesk proves to be a pain in neck.

First encounter was during setup a new Windows machine. My client purchase a Leased Term license of plesk and in return plesk send them 10 days temporary license which is expected to install on server and later plesk will auto update the license from online server. This is what I understand during our communication with plesk. However my client took 15 days to pass me the license and server access or you can say they hire me after 15 days of buying license. When I install plesk and try to upload license it naturally says, it is expired. Then we try to contact Plesk support, we call USA support, India Sales support, email to plesk, but no response and no guidance how we get corrected license. After 7 days of talking with plesk we drop the idea of having plesk on server.

Here comes the second problem with plesk. You just cannot run the “uninstaller” because they never build uninstaller for their PERFECT software. luckily my client get the computer formatted at no additional cost, otherwise I have to search and delete all file manually, which I don’t want for two reason. I hate deletion they always leave traces anyways and it is lot more work then expected.

We later use Microsoft’s Free WebsitePanel. An Awesome software with ease of use for our purpose. We can install any version of SQL Server, MySql, PHP, ASP.NET and configure that easily. Plus we pay nothing to get it.

My second encounter came with a Linux/CentOs Based VPS with Plesk, where I need to upgrade the PHP version from 5.1 to 5.3 on client demand. I search on internet and found that Plesk do not distribute PHP so they do no provide any upgrade method. But there is atomic shell script available to help update. I did that update. PHP was upgraded. We run it, but as you have expected Plesk is broken now. Been on VPS it frequently goes out of memory and create all problems. We ultimately decide to drop that server as it is just test server :).

I got saved both time and will never try a Plesk. Horrible software, powered by horrible support. Plesk is good for non experience, but nightmare for custom requirements. Never use it if you love to configure your server for speed or customization.

Blog: My thoughts Rants

Tech. Person with Bad computer

Yesterday my laptop crash. It was second time it crash and go to service center in 30 days time span. Been a software developer if your machine crash on which you spend 13-14 hrs a day, it will be hard for you to survive. I am lucky that I got backup computer to manage while I get my laptop back. I am not sure why, but last few months are very hard on me. Got all sort of problems I can imagine. Everyday I see and live a new life, new problem and ultimately a new solution. It is hard to face these situtation that I am dealing with, but if i think about them as third person, I really feel it is the learning curve of my life, though it has my life on stack.

I always wanted a life full of such things, and want to experince them, I am doing now. But I found that my preperation to fight these situation fails, and I broke somewhere deep in my heart. Even a smallest thing said to me or happen to me break my concentration and ability to perform. But I don’t have any choice to work on.

One of my client says to me, “I wonder why you choose a career in computer when you always have bad luck with it, I am the one who has a tech guy who always have his computer down.

That is true about me, but even with down computer I always end on top. And that is what keep me going. I don’t know when all this will get settled. I am depressed right now, but I know I have to fight back. I got no option except I live a luxurious life in the end. It is ofcourse my desire but it is my destiny too. I born for it.

Landmark Rants

Life is hard … we do unexpected all time

I wasn’t expecting this, but it happens. I yet again go for a scenario where I yet again try to create another environment. This time I start with less energy, but with my past experince. I am not a very experinced, but know that people are hard to control. Human has brain, and I have never create Artifical Intelligence, but I have to do that. It wasn’t easy for me to be a Project Manager, and transformation to above coming designation. I have seen very hard part of cooperate culture in last one year.

I know, if I do mistake there is no recovery. If someone else in team does mistake (even if that is client), I will be blamed and there is a chance of recovery. I will try to follow my heart, but I will go mostly with brain, irrespective of what I used to do. I take a totally unexpected decision, and it is time to cover that up with my working. In regard to my last post, I am still not happy with things around, but now I look forward to use them for my gain. Hope this goes fine for all.


Waiting for new dawn

“It is going to be a good day for me”, I thought in the morning. Now reaching end of business day, my words seems to be taking place. Past friday, I inform my company that I am very upset with developers in company as they don’t know how to respect a senior. And my senior don’t have time for this discussion until now. I am waiting for management decision on this since morning, as ¬†without that I am not going to instruct developer, what if they again repeat their doing today?

But none the less, I am happy, sitting idle. Give enough time for me to think on how to start my own world, a new Dawn.