Internet: Fun or frustration.

Since the interception of Internet, human being is evolved as more social animal then before. With use of internet increasing among human it was become fairly easy to stay in touch with your loved one. However as soon as Internet crazy is about to reach its height, mobile phone aka smartphone really turn the table in further fuel addition to social human being. However with Internet becoming an essential part of human life, getting a quality service is another tough call for them. It frustrate me most when my Internet is not working as compare to having a dead phone line. Need of quality service such as AT&T, O2, Verizon and other international player that provide quality Internet in mobile device are still very rare. It is even worst in country like India, where you expect service to be even better than those in most part of world.

With only less than 10% indian population is using Internet on daily basis, India still stand on top 5 internet using country. I have use quite a few internet service in recent past, but no real taker of quality of service. Even the most expensive service is just satisfactory and not really good. When I got my first smartphone, my excitement of using Internet on the go is vanished within 24 hrs, a 3G device was running less than 1MB/s speed having a 3G data plan on it.

India government has define some minimum speed limits, though those limits are way less than global standard and when it comes to quality of service they are even worst. Though, if I take a  look from what we have 5 years ago, it looks bit satisfactory. I remember I use Dial up connection as my first internet, and today I am using 2MB/s Speed on my desktop and 3G on my mobile device. Speed is good so as need of having speed. It took me 7 days to download a JDK in 1999, today it take me less 7 minutes to do so. It would be good, if quality of internet improve a little further, though I get 99% continued connectivity with my broadband connection, but having a consistent speed is big issue. Failing DNS is second major concern. Hope to get a better quality in next few months with evolution of need and standard supply/demand format of how economy works. If they provide speed/quality they will get demand and hence their supply increase their demand.