So, developers are extinct from this earth!!!

From last 6 months I have been facing a new challenge. Never expect that, I cannot explain how non-imaginary thing it is. Been a software development company, what happens if you don’t have a developer? Yes this is been the case with not just me, but lot of companies in India. The reason lies in root of Recession we had 2 yrs back. At the time of recession, most software companies throw out not so good developer from their team, but they to survive in market they leave big countries like America, and look for project in other countries as well. Now when things start turning up good in big countries and their relationship become good in small too, they are getting twice works. Here they refers to big software companies, with big companies I mean companies with over 10K HR strength. This results in immediate need of developer to them, and guess what, they consume all available manpower for small companies like mine with only 8-10 developer without them.

This affects the business very badly. Since developers are less, their prices goes high and this results in price up at client end too. Will India start losing job to other emerging companies? Quite possibly. So, what I should do is the question arise to me? Not hard to find the answer once you desire. I got some plans workout, hope those remain in good effect until this shift is settled. My main target as of now is to remain in business, and I know how I can do it. So, let us wait and see.