Quit, Quite, Quiet : A Year has gone

It is interesting how these three word summarize my last year. I quit lot of things that were stopping me. I quit to go down. However it is not entirely true that I succeed in my quest. Though, I am certainly at better perspective of life.

I have quite interesting events happen all around me, and most recently I start my own company which looks to expand all around and always. I was surprise that how small change in motivation leads to totally different perspective. My client feels more closure to me, and are getting happy with improved service of mine. My client always like my work, but somewhere with time, I lose the touch where I deliver to the desire. My biggest issue was time period. Though it is surprise me that when I start to reduce my work hour, I start to get more done and client are more happy as the delays are going away. Now, to get more done, my company is expanding its work base, and it means I have lot more to focus on. I am quite prepared for it and doing things as they come.

I remain quiet for long time on blog, as I wasn’t sure what I should write. I was not learning much of new tech and there is little that I do differently which is not already explain in other blogs. Though I still had few topics to write, technical or personal. But, they do not inspire me to write a post. Today, with this post I try to break that barrier so I can be more focused on things that make me, what I am. Sharing knowledge and learning from other is one of my biggest strength. I will try to write more and learn more. I start enjoying programming again, this new generation of programming was going over my head before, but now I found myself in the zone. I can learn and overcome them. Hope to post some technical articles soon.