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Experiment goes wrong

My blog was recently been taken out. I was experimenting on my Azure server that host the blog and accidently leave a unsecure port open on my server. Result, server was over used by hacker and Azure close me down. That is really nice of them that they did close me, because otherwise I might not know what is going wrong with my hosting as these things are easily ignored.

But I am back and close all issues and hope to continue with more precaution now on.


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Make A Beautiful World

There has been a time when I feel low. During that time I often try to do things that cheers me up. And I feel what cheers a human more but try to make a beautiful world. Thinking that I initiate my effort by creating a facebook page: .Not sure what I Can change with it, but I try to put happy things around in it whenever I got chance so everyone else have a happy day.

So let us join and really try to make a beautiful world. Help Human and nature ..

Joyous Landmark

Tried and excited

Last night I was able to deliver the first preview of upcoming game’s demo to client. The demo didn’t go as good as I expected. But it was there for client. The game works fine and like charm. I was really excited that after almost a day n night efforts for over a week I am able to give that demo.

It has interesting technical layout and multiple layer independent of each other, but yet needed for application to work. My team is getting good in delivering complex project. Our team is not restricted to traditional website only project. Now we feel more confident and empowered with knowledge of delivering really a great softwares. I still cannot release the public beta of application as it is not quite there, but soon I will post the demo for everyone to see what we are capable of.

Though overall excitement I still need 1-2 days break to relax my body from stretch it took for delivery. It is really fun to make something that good. Cannot wait for me it live soon.


First day

This independence day is officially last day of mine in company where I worked for 3 yrs. It was a nice experience working there. I learned a lot … may not be a techincal but personnelly. I learn to be a pratical person. I found that business has not emotions. It was similar to first job, but a different way.  It was bit hard for me to leave, but thanks to GOD. He help me taking this decision.

Now, that I am focused on my future, with today’s bright sunshine will cool breeze. I am happy to be where I am. This is the way that will take me to my dream, however, I need to make  a run to that dream with extreme precaution. Today is the day, when me and my brother officially see our Dream coming starts its operation. I will devote my best time for my venture called VIKASUMIT (

Wish me luck for my new step towards success.

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Virtual Call Center with

Yesterday, I was studying trying to figure out how Voice Service works. I never use their service before, and even haven €™t heard of its concept. I take a look around to some initial document and how things are laid out in Interface. Things seems complicated to start with, but today when I see that I solve and setup my Virtual call center on in about 2 hrs. This tells how easy is to use, if I can use it that easily, anyone can use it rather easily.
Now what is Angel is an online IVR solution with virtual call center features. They allow you to get a Toll free or chargeable number like any call center service provider. Then tell your virtual operator how to react on User voice (that is commands for virtual operator). You hire their service, they enable a number for it, and then simply set your messaging system, that reads the message you set and you are through to your call center setup.
My requirement is simple. I was working for a Real Estate website, where when a caller calls our Call center, he will ask to enter the property code. Once we validate that number, we simply need to read out the property information to him. However this simple thing has some good logics to perform, like does he enter correct number, if not error message should be played. How to get property code from users? But IVR system is so well furnished that it makes it looks very easy.
I must recommend their service to Small Office or even to a big company, if they just want a system to read status to their client, or if they want to collect or do surveys. And if you need developer for it, don €™t hesitate to contact.

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Life is hard … we do unexpected all time

I wasn’t expecting this, but it happens. I yet again go for a scenario where I yet again try to create another environment. This time I start with less energy, but with my past experince. I am not a very experinced, but know that people are hard to control. Human has brain, and I have never create Artifical Intelligence, but I have to do that. It wasn’t easy for me to be a Project Manager, and transformation to above coming designation. I have seen very hard part of cooperate culture in last one year.

I know, if I do mistake there is no recovery. If someone else in team does mistake (even if that is client), I will be blamed and there is a chance of recovery. I will try to follow my heart, but I will go mostly with brain, irrespective of what I used to do. I take a totally unexpected decision, and it is time to cover that up with my working. In regard to my last post, I am still not happy with things around, but now I look forward to use them for my gain. Hope this goes fine for all.

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Finally its out and selling

Not sure when it happens, but it happen for me few days back, when I certainly check one of my client site, and found that they have release a new control panel, which is developed by me. Its good to see that finally a product that I made with so much of efforts are out in the market. However, I cannot let you know its name, or client name due to NDA. But I am happy to have it in market.

 I am sure so far it must have 10-15 installations done, and it is serving well to my customer.

Congratulations Sumit