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Tried and excited

Last night I was able to deliver the first preview of upcoming game’s demo to client. The demo didn’t go as good as I expected. But it was there for client. The game works fine and like charm. I was really excited that after almost a day n night efforts for over a week I am able to give that demo.

It has interesting technical layout and multiple layer independent of each other, but yet needed for application to work. My team is getting good in delivering complex project. Our team is not restricted to traditional website only project. Now we feel more confident and empowered with knowledge of delivering really a great softwares. I still cannot release the public beta of application as it is not quite there, but soon I will post the demo for everyone to see what we are capable of.

Though overall excitement I still need 1-2 days break to relax my body from stretch it took for delivery. It is really fun to make something that good. Cannot wait for me it live soon.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.