Joyous Server Configuration

Move to Azure as Trial

Okay, so I activate my Azure trial and thought to move my blog on it. I am currently hosted with Azure VM [small instance] as trial. Hope it give better performance than my previous host, which was lately too slow to work with.


Surprise Birthday Party

This is one of best birthday I had. I was to attending my brother-in-law’s marriage eve party. There I got this surprise party by my in-laws. Really grateful and happy to get such a surprise. Never celebrate my birthday with so much noise and happy cheers all around. Feels like special person. Hardly much to say especially with words. Funny thing I cut two cakes to share the joy from all around, when I wasn’t expecting even one.

Sometime break from work and having such surprise makes your day and put a mark on your life. I really cannot forgot all the love and wishes and happy face from that day. I miss few people who too like me are not known of event and were not present, but that is part of surprise parties. Thanks again for all those who planned celebration and make me feel special.

Thanks for all and god bless everyone.

Joyous PHP Programming Wordpress

Video Shopping Plugin

Just finish coding major stuff of Video plugin for wordpress that enable Purchase of Video and then view to only registered members. This use Paypal Express Checkout as payment gateway. Love coding on wordpress at time, though it is not as good as doing in custom CMS, but still very much a home for me now. I use couple of other plugin to support my plugin, but in all just love the expendability of WordPress. The hooks, filter they are all awesome. 

I love the concept of Hooks in wordpress than any other open source software I worked on. However still trying to figure why wordpress use so much of database query and why they do not certain function outside the loop. 

Telling more about my plugin, it allow admin to upload Video files, put their price. Then on front end choose filter to find video and add to cart using AJAX. once in cart you can proceed with checkout as wordpress user only and pay through paypal. View purchased video in MY Video pages, unless you are logged in you cannot view the video not from direct link too. 

Unfortunately this plugin is built on contract and need lot of work to make it generic to release under my belt, but if anyone need it I can still help with it :). Someday probably I can release this plugin under my name. What you think shall I release it free or paid … 

Blog: My thoughts Joyous

Programming keep me busy

Time flies. I though have an idea that I didn’t blog for long time, but really got myself surprise that it is over three months now. Was busy programming and finish couple of long delayed projects and life is taking new shape. In recent past, I developed new methodology for my programming and that process is still going on. I am excited for couple of things that will happen to me sooner some personnel things, some technical upgrades. In last couple of month I developed my new framework of working in PHP projects. They now accelerated my programming by at least double speed and at time even 4 times to my old speed. This give me enough time to enchance security and speed of overall software. Software that I develop are more scale-able in natural manner than before. 

But that is what I did in PHP, and now the time has come to upgrade my .NET skills, with my recent projects need new things in .NET and Windows Azure it looks so exciting next couple of month. Things involve need Parallel programming, Azure hosting, upgrading 3 yrs old PHP project to latest methodology and programming environment. 

I need 3-4 months more for me to understand more in-depth of programming speed. The software I develop are majorly the same just they are more mature and more self reporting. 

Hope I can keep up the work pace better than before and deliver much more in much less time. I will post my framework sometime in future when I upgrade it to public share able level. But not quite ready for it.


Another Happy Moment

On 24th May 2012, we get end to our wait for second child. An Angel came to our house, so beautiful, adorable. It was certainly the best moment of my life that came after 2 yrs. I cannot describe this moment in words.

Just got enough busy in enjoying new member of house that I doesn’t have time for anything else. Just want to mark this entry in blog hence got to mark it now.

Joyous Other

Akismet Plugin : Great stats

Just look at my Stats counter and it show about 6500 spam comments been posted on my blog so far in 1 year time span. This is small number as compare to page visit per day on blog, but still looks like lot of people try to spam me. Phew I am somewhat safe till date.

Joyous MySQL Operating System

MySql 5.5 : funny about it

Just saw the release note of MySql 5.5. Looks exciting upgrade, but what looks most funny about the software is the fact that they claim to improve performance by 1500% on windows [some 372% on linux]. Looks great work by them. But I found this information funny, as my some Open source lover friends always claim that because of windows bad structure mysql perform bad on Windows machine as compare to linux. But now my argument to them is if it is bad structure of windows, then how they achieve 1500% improvement by improving their code and not windows ? Often people forgot when comparing software that run on multi platform that the optimization of core software can only be for either OS [if they share same code], and that cause performance issues.

But whatever it is, I am happy to see MySql perform better on windows as I am bound to use windows with kind of resources I can afford for my development and maintainability I can handle.

Good work Team !!!