Programming keep me busy

Time flies. I though have an idea that I didn’t blog for long time, but really got myself surprise that it is over three months now. Was busy programming and finish couple of long delayed projects and life is taking new shape. In recent past, I developed new methodology for my programming and that process is still going on. I am excited for couple of things that will happen to me sooner some personnel things, some technical upgrades. In last couple of month I developed my new framework of working in PHP projects. They now accelerated my programming by at least double speed and at time even 4 times to my old speed. This give me enough time to enchance security and speed of overall software. Software that I develop are more scale-able in natural manner than before. 

But that is what I did in PHP, and now the time has come to upgrade my .NET skills, with my recent projects need new things in .NET and Windows Azure it looks so exciting next couple of month. Things involve need Parallel programming, Azure hosting, upgrading 3 yrs old PHP project to latest methodology and programming environment. 

I need 3-4 months more for me to understand more in-depth of programming speed. The software I develop are majorly the same just they are more mature and more self reporting. 

Hope I can keep up the work pace better than before and deliver much more in much less time. I will post my framework sometime in future when I upgrade it to public share able level. But not quite ready for it.