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Make A Beautiful World

There has been a time when I feel low. During that time I often try to do things that cheers me up. And I feel what cheers a human more but try to make a beautiful world. Thinking that I initiate my effort by creating a facebook page: .Not sure what I Can change with it, but I try to put happy things around in it whenever I got chance so everyone else have a happy day.

So let us join and really try to make a beautiful world. Help Human and nature ..

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Tried and excited

Last night I was able to deliver the first preview of upcoming game’s demo to client. The demo didn’t go as good as I expected. But it was there for client. The game works fine and like charm. I was really excited that after almost a day n night efforts for over a week I am able to give that demo.

It has interesting technical layout and multiple layer independent of each other, but yet needed for application to work. My team is getting good in delivering complex project. Our team is not restricted to traditional website only project. Now we feel more confident and empowered with knowledge of delivering really a great softwares. I still cannot release the public beta of application as it is not quite there, but soon I will post the demo for everyone to see what we are capable of.

Though overall excitement I still need 1-2 days break to relax my body from stretch it took for delivery. It is really fun to make something that good. Cannot wait for me it live soon.

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Working Lot of new methodology

It is good to back as programmer. Loving my new phase of development career, I got involved in development of a online card game. After lot of thinking and reading, I decide to use some new technology and methodology which I have been hearing about a lot. I don’t dare to use them as I feel the kind of project we were doing lately are not big enough to learn and implement those concepts. After for this project it really become necessity to these technology rather than just a decision making. For example to build a game UI, I have three option GDI+, DirectX or WPF.. I have done GDI+ before and doesn’t feel it is best to make complex Graphical interface even for like of poker game. Though I use it to build Chess Interface, but I know how problematic it was. Second came in DirectX, the best but the complex solution. I need more time to learn it and project is getting delayed. Then I choose to learn and work on WPF which is relatively easier than DirectX.

It was really a nice decision to choose WPF. It is not only easier for me to learn as I already have some experience in HTML and web programming, but it give me control which is best suited for programmer of my culture. With no efforts I am now able to create a better looking UI. Ofcourse I didn’t test the UI on Windowx XP yet, but otherwise it looks great. I am not going to test it on Windows XP anyways as we don’t going to support it. Once I have the UI ready. I need to now communicate with Online database. So for this I already know the solution called as Web Services. But where will I found the Web Service in Visual Studio 2010 .. oh I think they rename it as WCF.. nope, they make a new concept altogether called WCF. Hmm.. with past experience of webservice I know that it was the perfect solution for me, but again WCF is almost similar no difference to code, so what harm it does to use it. Afterall it bring some new security measure and ease. So I again learn WCF and it took me 1 hr to cover the difference between Web Service and WCF and I am up and ready with my solution.

Making game UI is really so exciting that I am now looking for opportunity to upgrade my Chess game to WPF interface. Programming is really fun with those concept of programming and tools that I learn in recent past. It was complex then before in planning, but easy to implement. However the attitude of programmer is they need something ease to plan and implementation they are not bothered. I must suggest using WPF and WCF in your project where you need them. I haven’t try but they says WPF and Silverlight has same code or reusable. Well if that is the case then surely I will start giving Silverlight solution in next quarter or so.

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Funny Resume

Recently, I was busy hiring new recruit for my company. As always it is the funniest thing to do as well as it make me sad to see how idiotic people are getting. I try to compile those funny moments in this blog article. Take a look on these funny things (Please note that I actually got such resume/information while hunting for talent, hope your known ones are not doing this):

Cover Letters

Case #1: “view my resume sir…” [yes just that]

Case #2: “please find my resume is attached .. ” [My thoughts, okay found your resume, shall I send it back to you?]

Case #3: Cover letter is attached to email with resume as second attachment. [Oh my, they know they should send a cover letter with their resume.]

Case #4: “Hi, I need working at xyz CTC per annum, and expecting abc CTC per annum, my resume is attach for details,” [Oh, Am I like buying a developer?]


Case #1: 80% of Resumes has “CV” as their heading !!! Does anyone please tell the difference between CV and Resume ?

Case #2: “Techincal Skills: C/C++, Java, VB, PHP”.. when asked ,” What is C?”, Answer came in, ” It was a subject in my post graduation, but I still have to clear its exam.” [Thanks for truth]

Case #3: 99% of Software developer knows C/C++ with 1% of them actually ever worked in it. But it is the first thing you will find it in resume. Looks like a “Lucky motto” for developers.

Case #4: Web skills Known: HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Joomla, IIS, Apache. Web Server Known: Windows, Linux. [What is that ?, IIS/Apache is not a web server ?]

Case #5: Reason for Job change [for PHP developer]: Answer:”Want to work on WordPress, Joomla, but previous company ask to work in PHP”. [Oh, I thought you are PHP developer only]

— End of Funny moments —

If you have something similar with your job applications and resumes, then please never wonder why are still searching for job.

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Projects I am looking forward too

Recently I have been contact to work on few good projects. I cannot reveal the details of them, but they need high end planning which is often missing from regular web projects because things are quite obvious. It is good to receive high end project. It does shows that we at Vikasumit are  moving to achieve a good spot in field of programming. I have done some good softwares in past, and now these two projects are going to add to my collection of gems.

Coincidence is that both of these projects are in .NET, which means my great softwares will be now 80% done in .NET and rest are in PHP. Having said I doesn’t mean to say PHP is not fitted, but it just happen, probably because I love .NET more than PHP. However I still wait for my dream project to arrive to me, guess what with success on this project probably the path for my Dream project will be more clearer and nearer to me than what it is now.

However during these years of development I never realise I had handle so many good software, but suddenly when talking to these new clients I realise I had a great list of software behind me. Working on Linux Based Web hosting management system with automation of Web hosting process, then working on Sound Engineering application with interface for analysis and reporting. About the completion of Video Conference using Peer to Peer connection [no intermediate server is needed once connection is established, saving lot of bandwidth to make World Internet faster] and now build a Online database for Windows Desktop GAME client. Yes, I am now working on a Online Game. It is based on Client server architecture and will involve all good technology idea, like using DirectX or Web services. Once we grab this technology, we can then make even more killing games.

I am so excited, but worried on quality of developer I can found to assist me on these projects. Over the time I have experience rather a downfall in existence of common sense in developer and work attitude. It is getting harder day by day to find better developer. But I know I will achieve my goal irrespective of such hurdles and that I am committed to achieve my dream project sometime in near future.

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Shirdi Sai Baba Trip

Finally after 2 yrs, I took a vacation from work. Though I was not in mood to go on vacation, but family want me to go with them. I was also wanting to take a break as it was long and tiring time. Anyways, we boarded in train to Shirdi on 10th Sep 2010. it was 19 hr long journey in train and than about 1 hr drive to Shirdi from railway station. We start journey about 2 PM from my home and reach the destination at about 12 noon the next day.

It was beautiful screnery outside when we cross Madhya pradesh and when we are in Maharashtra. all over it is green land and hills. I really love the scene from my window of moving train. Not much to mention about the travel, but it was relaxing and little different as I was not using my computer from last few hours when I was still wake up.

Once we reach shirdi, we take a hotel room. Get fresh and went straight to Sai Baba temple, from outside I thought we were going to be among the few devotees, as queue for visit looks empty. But as soon as we enter the temple, my thoughts proves to be wrong, we were standing in a queue of atleast 500 people ahead of us. It took us about an hour standing and waiting for turn to enter main temple. But when we enter main temple its beauty again impressed me. The walls were covered with thin Gold sheets all over, with white marble Sculpture of Sai baba in between. After the devotion, we came to temple premises, it was even bigger then main temple, it can easily accomodate more than few thousands of people at once. We return to our room at about 7 PM and was very tired as we walk alot and remain in standing position for last few hours. 

The Next day we start our travel to visit Nasik and near by temples, it was again a full day trip as Nasik is about 120-125 KM far from Shirdi. It was another fun day while traveling on our rented car to nasik. All Green land, hills are so beautiful to watch. But again when we reach Tryambakeshwar Temple, it was so croweded and yet again we are standing at the end of 500+ devotee queue, yet again it took about 1 hr 30 minutes to reach temple. But today we are standing under shades in rather a warm day. I was little concern as Aaryan was getting thirsty and there is no way we can get water for him, but luckily it won’t be problem at last, as we get out in good time.

On our way back to Shirdi, we take lunch at really a good resturant, they develop it like a small village and food was tasty of all we eat in trip. At night we revisit the Sai Baba Temple, this time we visit at night and got about only 100 other devotee in queue. Next day our return train was at 9 AM and railway station was about 1 hr away and since we are new to place we have to go little early to find our way and transportation. So we wake up at 5 in morning. Than about 21 hr travel on train we reach Delhi back, tried and with closed eye. I have to attend my office as it was already 2 off for me, and hence I go office yawning.

It was fun taking break from work. I love to take more such break in near future and rather more frequently. I cannot forget this trip, it was fun, little discomfort due to change in environment. Though I enjoy it.

Joyous Operating System Server Configuration

Apache and IIS 7

Been a web development company, my company need to setup a local server that allow developers to work on centralized server for ease of use and development. For this we got one Physical server. Our requirements are simple, we need IIS 7 to let the development on ASP.NET take place and we need Apache to have support for .htaccess files. Though we can do URL rewrite and more other things with IIS 7 but some of our clients have Linux hosting only, so we have to technology that our clients use.

Now I have two options, I create a Virtual Machine one over other, where one machine is Linux and other is Windows. My company got Windows 2008 Web edition License through Microsoft WebSpark program. So I decide to without Virtual machine, as I don’t like virtual machine for development purpose, they are just too much overhead. So what I did is, I install windows 2008 as Operating system, with IIS 7. Install the Web Platform using Microsoft Web Platform, which also installed ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server which is good enough for small scale development.

Now, it is time to configure server for PHP team, well quite a simple stuff, I download the MySQL Community edition and install it. Easy and neat. Now Download the Apache HTTPD server and install it. However I just change it’s Listen Port from 80 to 700 [just any random port] and we are done. Web Installer already install and configure PHP on IIS 7, and I use PHP-cgi from its folder to run as Apache CGI application. Hope that is decently good platform until we get our second server for development.

Our server is now become a host for:


Apache HTTPD server


SQL Server

Visual SVN

Yeah it does all those, and you will get surprised to know that it runs on regular PC configuration with core2duo 2.0 GHz on intel Desktop board without RAID. It servers 1 SQL server per second per stats and have more than 20 GB of data as Web application scripts with more than 100 website configured to run on this server. And Mind it the server runs 24×7 and used only 9 hrs of production, rest of other time it just serve for Demo to client.

Isn’t it that nice little server.