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Recently, I was busy hiring new recruit for my company. As always it is the funniest thing to do as well as it make me sad to see how idiotic people are getting. I try to compile those funny moments in this blog article. Take a look on these funny things (Please note that I actually got such resume/information while hunting for talent, hope your known ones are not doing this):

Cover Letters

Case #1: “view my resume sir…” [yes just that]

Case #2: “please find my resume is attached .. ” [My thoughts, okay found your resume, shall I send it back to you?]

Case #3: Cover letter is attached to email with resume as second attachment. [Oh my, they know they should send a cover letter with their resume.]

Case #4: “Hi, I need working at xyz CTC per annum, and expecting abc CTC per annum, my resume is attach for details,” [Oh, Am I like buying a developer?]


Case #1: 80% of Resumes has “CV” as their heading !!! Does anyone please tell the difference between CV and Resume ?

Case #2: “Techincal Skills: C/C++, Java, VB, PHP”.. when asked ,” What is C?”, Answer came in, ” It was a subject in my post graduation, but I still have to clear its exam.” [Thanks for truth]

Case #3: 99% of Software developer knows C/C++ with 1% of them actually ever worked in it. But it is the first thing you will find it in resume. Looks like a “Lucky motto” for developers.

Case #4: Web skills Known: HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Joomla, IIS, Apache. Web Server Known: Windows, Linux. [What is that ?, IIS/Apache is not a web server ?]

Case #5: Reason for Job change [for PHP developer]: Answer:”Want to work on WordPress, Joomla, but previous company ask to work in PHP”. [Oh, I thought you are PHP developer only]

— End of Funny moments —

If you have something similar with your job applications and resumes, then please never wonder why are still searching for job.

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