Category: Management

  • Interviewing during Covid – No face impression

    In past we hear about “first impression is last impression”, this expression is used mainly for the first meeting of person. In deed in those days there were no phones or internet to associate it with other mean of meeting then meeting face to face. Things change, saying remain same and still give same results. […]

  • Automate Testing: Gitlab, Dotnet

    I always want to test my .NET based application on my personal Gitlab based repo. But since, my old project is too much a mess to do the effort for. So, when we got to rewrite the whole project, I was happy to get my experience on Unit Testing with automation of CI. I still […]

  • Experience with BitBucket CI

    I have been using bitbucket for quite sometime, and really like their service. Recently, I come to know that they have Beta of CI through pipeline, that can run any docker from Docker hub. I thought to give it a try though I have my own build setup on my local machine and really don’t […]

  • Installing Redmine 2.3.3 on Ubuntu 13

    Okay, today I install Redmine on Azure hosted Ubuntu 13.04. The steps are easy once I get it done after 2 days of working and finding what is right to do. So, let us start on installation, but a little history first. I see that Bitnami has put quite a few Redmine VM Images on […]

  • Funny Resume

    Recently, I was busy hiring new recruit for my company. As always it is the funniest thing to do as well as it make me sad to see how idiotic people are getting. I try to compile those funny moments in this blog article. Take a look on these funny things (Please note that I […]

  • How to write Error Free Code?

    Recently my staff member asked me, “How can I write a Error Free Code?”. hmm.. interesting question. I always ask them to write a error free code and I found that I don’t have any answer that fit in all situation and in cases. Even the biggest of programmer has done error in their code. […]

  • Why we need to “Logoff” once we are done…

    I have often read in FAQ section of websites, that request users to logoff once they are done with their working on website. Have you ever thought why we need that part? Below is the list of thinks I recognize as benefits User View point: 1) Secure your account, in case your computer is shared […]