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One of my friend told me that they have a QA department in their company. I ask him what is QA ? and get this old word in new look “Quanlity Assurance”. At that time I neglect that word and doesn’t bother about it, as i don’t know what it is and why we need it.

Today, I have been asked that why I haven’t check the coding pattern of developers working under me. Hmm , as a project manager and handling 15 projects at one go is it possible for me to check those things ? my answer  was NO. Not sure  if my  boss  like  my answer or not (and ofcourse he doesn’t).

But now  is the  time for us to think on Quality Management. Can  a project manager  get enough time to think even to check the coding?

It is partical problem in Small Software companies, they spend money, but on programmers only. But to make an application click we need more than just programmers. We need to re-read our SDLC Books, and should realize that we need a complete hierarchy to complete a project.

Even a Good programmer cannot do miracles. Software programming is Team work, Senior programmer/team leader/project manager all are good if their complete team is and is commited to do good.

Project Management

Resource Management

I have been working as Software Developer from last 2 yrs. During this time I come across lot of good and bad things about project management. To my experince with project management most of project we got in trouble are due to bad coding level or bad planning of project. These are two things that trouble me a lot in these two years.

This also teach me to make balance between different level of programmer working on same project. One thing that i notice is that good level programmers fight with problem like how to make code efficient where as low skill programmer keep themself busy with questions like How to make query, how to make Text box to do this and that, or user interface has some bugs how to fix them.

Though recently i come across one another major problem with project management, proper resource allocation, with resources i mean hardware and software and not man power, One of my project got delay just because of late supply of hardware, now as a programmer thats the worsts thing I want in my project to get delay because we don’t have proper hardware or software for that matter. One can teach Junior programmer programming skill but management budget handling is not in our hand as Programmer.

Anyways life is now on road as my Three week long quest ends when I Configure EXIM and now its delivering mail to my virtual mail box 🙂

So rest about management when I learn to manage myself and my projects (this counter always remain above 5 )

Sumit Gupta