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  • Quotes for a good day

    #1 if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. #2 more desperate you are to get it correct, more incorrect it will get. #3 nature never say die, life goes on and on… #4 weak are to destroy, strong are to protect them #5 you are the leader till you die or people find […]

  • Restarting my world

    Welcome to all on my personnel blog. I said restarting the world as I lost my old blog data. I was running it since 2004 before I lost it a server crash. Anyways, if its gone then  its gone. Since I get more entries here you can read my blogspot blog at

  • Maybe Last Post on

    Hi, I am not so happy saying that, but yes its last post for now on this blog. Hey that doesn’t mean i will not write … I have new Domain as you know and today I finally manage to transfer free blog account to my own Domain Find my blog on There is […]

  • Another idiotic Story

    Hi, I face a new problem now a days while surfing internet website. As I am working on opensource software now a days, I some how get to some sites, that display a Warning message when viewed through “Internet Explorer” … Warning is something like you are view some blah blah kind of web browsers […]

  • When government meets God

    I was reading about SSL. what they are? why are they used? etc. I found one article at there I found a place where our local government meets the GOD in one of his normal task …. (relatively secure, nothing is certain except death and taxes) … Its funny, Sumit Gupta