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  • Akismet Plugin : Great stats

    Just look at my Stats counter and it show about 6500 spam comments been posted on my blog so far in 1 year time span. This is small number as compare to page visit per day on blog, but still looks like lot of people try to spam me. Phew I am somewhat safe till […]

  • New Look

    After a long time finally give a new look to my Blog. I love the last design, but thought to get something which is more easy to read and is simple. What is more simple then 1990’s fashion plain text with modern touch. Thanks for Hybird the. I will modify it with time, but for […]

  • Lot of newbie

    Never realise that it is been one month since I blog. Life was so busy that time flies like anything. Though got some new toys in between, such as new version of WordPress that rocks, IE9. I have complete world upside down in recent days. Complete new team, new things, some upcoming changes in office. […]

  • Windows Live Writer: Experimental Post

    This is a Experimental post using Windows Live Writer. I just update the software in my machine. Never use it before but its new interface encourage me to test it once and I must admin, so far I am happy to use it. It automatically download CSS theme for me to view the content. I […]

  • SumitGupta.NET on Facebook

    Well I had my Blog on my facebook profile, but then I realise it can be available to you as well, All you have to do is just add to your application in facebook and then you can get the blog as one of facebook application for yourself. So, add application and remain updated […]

  • Twitter With WordPress

    Just found a cool plugin that tweet from Worpdress Blog to your tweeter account. This is a testing posting for same. Hope it works fine, and I can enjoy this plugin.

  • GoDaddy Server Upgrade

    After waiting for 3 yrs with godaddy, finally I get my blog to work as OUT-OF-BOX product. Actually Godaddy now offers PHP on Windows as normal hosting feature. Maybe they learn that PHP was safe on previous version of Windows too. And once they did that I upgrade my hosting to use IIS 7.0 on […]