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  • Virtualization on Windows : VirtualBox

    Last time I try virtualization on my desktop OS was using Virtual PC 2007 from microsoft. I was pretty satisfied with its working and it does a good job for me. However, today I was trying to using that on my Vista Home Premium edition and found that Microsoft doesn’t support that, and when I […]

  • Bad about online Image applications

    I recently got few projects where we need to provide a platform for user to upload or create image on web interface probably with Flash or Java applet, and then they get that image in some way, for download and printing. However online editing seems a good concept, and bring little money to developer like […]

  • Microsoft Vs So Called Better Community

    I have read many articles where a open source developer or group says Windows is bad, Microsoft is bad and their open source is good. It is FREE. I always get in argument, that it is not that Windows is bad, but some people like them present their product after compare it with Microsoft product […]

  • Why we need to “Logoff” once we are done…

    I have often read in FAQ section of websites, that request users to logoff once they are done with their working on website. Have you ever thought why we need that part? Below is the list of thinks I recognize as benefits User View point: 1) Secure your account, in case your computer is shared […]

  • More Update on my Blog

    Today, I finally manage to bring back the content of my first blog on to this blog. Now I merge both blog and it now myblog have 198 + 1 (this one) articles since 2004. I also open registration to my blog, so those who wish to make an identity here can register. Now […]

  • New Theme

    I just upgrade my wordpress installation to latest version. But with new version I lost the ability to change theme for my wordpress as I am using GoDaddy hosting right now on Windows server. And this server has opendir() php function blocked, and hence I cannot use my theme page. But I modify the wordpress […]

  • Windows Vista is Better than Windows 2000 ?

    I recently read an article on Vista been less secure than windows 2000. I put a valid point for discussion in my forum, take a look and post your comments It is a request as if Vista is not secure I need to switch over 🙂