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Windows Vista is Better than Windows 2000 ?

I recently read an article on Vista been less secure than windows 2000. I put a valid point for discussion in my forum, take a look and post your comments

It is a request as if Vista is not secure I need to switch over 🙂

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.

One reply on “Windows Vista is Better than Windows 2000 ?”

Windows 2000 was a very stable OS. I and many other IT professionals I know used it until as late as 2006. Some are still using it, such as my friend and programmer Albert Chan in Canada.

XP was not a significant improvement from 2000, but desktop & gaming perks, and the service pack 2 release saw it mature into a very stable OS.

My main gripe about vista is not regarding security, it is about efficiency. The “desktop experience” is a novelty concept that isn’t worth the tradeoff for performance.

The bottom line is that XP is the windows os with the most efficient use of resources. It even beats out 2000 in benchmarks.

RAM is relatively cheap, and processor speeds past 2ghz are only useful for servers and gamers. So, I think any coder would agree that there is efficiency and elegance are important in any software design.

Vista may be the next generation. It’s just too bad that even on the latest machines, it is slower because of the bloat!

There is one good reason to upgrade to vista, however: if you like microsoft games 😉

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