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Linux Upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04: Save the day

So, this fine sunday, I think I wake with “lets spoil the day” mood. I start by checking my server to see how it is doing. A regular log view and updates I perform on my VPS. all was good, until I realise an update is available for my billing software. I decide to purchase an update for it. Before buying I forgot to check system requirement. Well it is just an update, and we install it every here and there for other things. So, I have updated copy of my billing software, which I follow the steps of upgrade and upload to my live server. All went well until I reach for software to suggest install PHP 5.6 instead of version I had. Well no problem how hard it is to update PHP in ubuntu 12.04, just matter of running apt-get.

Soon, I realise PHP 5.6 was never release for OS, and I need to use PPA. Found an old tutorial teaching me how to use PPA as it is my first time for it, the blog explain everything good, found couple more article but they are nearly the same. So, I went on and install the PPA and update the PHP 5.6. I run a command line to see what version of PHP is there and it correctly shows 5.6. So far so good, but suddenly “If anything goes wrong will go wrong” statement hit me. It only update CLI PHP not apache version. Damn, what is wrong with it.

PPA on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS need Apache 2.4 and Apache 2.4 never makes to Ubuntu 12.04. So, again there is PPA for apache but that doesn’t work for me well. I mean it does update few things, but cannot make PHP’s Lib for Apache to get installed. At this very moment, I have two options. Either I rollback all updates to my Backup Copy, or I move ahead to upgrade OS to 14.04 LTS. I choose later one.

Simply run “do-release-upgrade” and follow the course of stream. but it stuck as VestaCP’s APT repo didn’t work with upgrade. Not sure why, I just remove them from APT repo’ List and all goes well. All updated nothing is broken but Apache. It is broken because my previous attempt of PPA apache upgrade leave it broken and in conflicting state.

I remove and try reinstall apache without PPA, but that cause more conflict. After hit and trial with PPA and non PPA apache, I end up getting it upgrade and everything running.

There is no technical details shared in this post, as this post is not for Step on how to do it, but what not to do it. And that is only one thing, never miss reading about what upgrades you are going to do, never miss system requirement before paying someone. It only took me 4 hrs to get it all going, and frankly it turns out to be Positive for me, as it get my pending upgrade of OS done. But, I would have save my day if I read the simple requirement before buying the upgrade for billing software. I would have avoided unnecessary upgrade path, and reduce the down time to say 1 hr at most instead of 4 hrs. Good thing my blog is not a business, but never try that at client server.

Blog: My thoughts Operating System

Linux yet again try to gain popularity on MS

I have continously notify how opensource gaints are using microsoft name to get popularity. Today I got a newsletter which says “Linux kicks Microsoft back” . After reading this I follow some links and found some interesting fact. First here is what I understand as summary of article. Microsoft says 93% of mini laptops worldwide runs on Windows Operating system, where as a independent firm research and found that some major laptop gaint sales about 30%-35% of their computer with Linux as their Operating system.

I respect those experince author but as in one of article it says, “Just because you live in the United States, don’t assume that everything is on Windows,” Orr said. I would says, if you take stats from companies sales doesn’t mean user actually are using those Operating system.

When mirosoft launch public Beta review of Windows 7, thousands of Vista /XP notebook user install that Beta and RC versions on their PC. In India, I have see most people to save license cost buy Linux based Netbooks but end up installing Beta or RC version of Win 7, and yes no report can count that as for researcher, piracy is not counted. Netbook sold on Linux means it use Linux.

As a web developer when I see’s stats which is public available and used by every single web developer to take help on HTML and programming about web, it clearly shows linux is used 4.3% in last month less then MAC itself which is 6.7%. Check it yourself ( If 30% of computer user are on Linux why w3schools record so low? doesn’t software developer like to use Linux ??? If developer cannot use Linux then how can a normal user does that ? Scary if you are normal user.

Secondly, that Article about microsoft saying 93% of market share was publish based on some research in Feb 2009, where as the “Contradiction” cames in Nov 2009, after 10 months, come on man 10 months are away too much to change market trend, specially in computer fields, Or does the researcher team going per home counting the  But I am sure the truth is not lie in both stats.

But it should be somewhere between Actual SALES of OS on netbook and Actual Usage of OS. Linux does get 30% sales as research says, but Windows got used on 93% of netbooks. ah, that means 23% of linux user are actually using pirated software, and researcher says microsoft is clean after its $10 billion fines. Yeah, that is right no one is good or think of user, but atleast microsoft dare to says “they make something good” rather than saying “We are better than Mr. X, because Mr. X is cheat”.

Blog: My thoughts Operating System

Google Chrome OS: What an Idea?

watch this video 

Google Chrome OS is not an OS but a Computer hardware running only a Browser. This sounds good, but do we really need such thing ? Or more over are we really ready for it?

At first the idea looks very good, and if you consider your children who came back home from school, sit on computer do only chat and facebook and then go for sleep, what else they need ? But wait, don’t they write documents ..we have google online document/office suite. hmm don’t they play their action game or car racing game.. ah that cannot be done on browser as of now. I mean Flash game took 10 minutes before we can play a simple card game with friends, who can I play a car race on internet. More over what if I have to download some client for my game? Where do I install it?

Google Chrome Team says that it took 45 seconds to boot the computer, the time one can make sandwich (they forgot that making sandwich took more time then that, as one has to open the fridge and take their knife out and blah blah, why you make sandwich running in kitchen) but anyways. How many time you really boot your PC in single day ? and how many time you need to restart your browser as it getting cached or acting nuts because same window was open from last 2 hrs? well the answer is PC boot was done just once or twice per day, if you shut it down at night (and not to torrent stuff), otherwise you open browser atleast 10 times per day. So what if your Google Chrome OS get cached, you have to spend <10 seconds of Chrome OS boot time? so if you boot 5 times you reach 50 secs anyways.

Also as I read some reviews about video, what happen if you are driving home and listen music online ? wait a minute you cannot do that with your 512kbps mobile phone Internet access? even if you do, don’t your phone gets disconnected because of network problem? if so your internet can get disconnected as well, so you cannot hear music on internet a useless Car stereo do the job better.

Google chrome is nothing more than a Linux distro as per estimation now that is stripped down to run only what a browser need to run. So you end up been a computer engineer who add modules to its computer for everything else he need. you need video player to run your DVD, add a driver and software. you need to install Game, first install OpenGL or joystick they are not there by default if it is only Browser. If it is not only browser, then didn’t it take time to initalize those stuff? then won’t it increase the boot time again?

After thinking about it, I would say it will be incorrect to say a computer with Google Chrome OS as “computer” , but it make sense to call it as “Internet Machine”. Or maybe you name it as GoTweetBook Machine (Google+Twitter + FaceBOOK) ?

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Windows Vista is Better than Windows 2000 ?

I recently read an article on Vista been less secure than windows 2000. I put a valid point for discussion in my forum, take a look and post your comments

It is a request as if Vista is not secure I need to switch over 🙂