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  1. Desoldering Pump
    Desoldering Pump July 27, 2011 at 5:38 AM |

    Although its an old post but anyway … Why GNU/Linux (Any Distro) runs faster on my PC then Windows 7 if Windows is that better? Why Windows takes more time to boot? I know I have an old PC but if I upgrade my Hardware can you guarantee Windows will perform better then GNU/Linux? I think most people use Windows because they don’t know that there is an alternative rather then Mac or they don’t have enough computing skill. I know people who can’t use Open Office although they had used MS office. So, I believe GUN/Linux is not for them who are not well evolved. Average user can be happy with GNU/Linux (Entertainment, Documentation purpose). If I wasn’t a gamer, Windows would be history for me (GNU/Linux have game but my friends don’t play them). Taking more juice is not better. We all know what happened to 60’s Muscle car. 😀

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