Linux yet again try to gain popularity on MS

I have continously notify how opensource gaints are using microsoft name to get popularity. Today I got a newsletter which says “Linux kicks Microsoft back” . After reading this I follow some links and found some interesting fact. First here is what I understand as summary of article. Microsoft says 93% of mini laptops worldwide runs on Windows Operating system, where as a independent firm research and found that some major laptop gaint sales about 30%-35% of their computer with Linux as their Operating system.

I respect those experince author but as in one of article it says, “Just because you live in the United States, don’t assume that everything is on Windows,” Orr said. I would says, if you take stats from companies sales doesn’t mean user actually are using those Operating system.

When mirosoft launch public Beta review of Windows 7, thousands of Vista /XP notebook user install that Beta and RC versions on their PC. In India, I have see most people to save license cost buy Linux based Netbooks but end up installing Beta or RC version of Win 7, and yes no report can count that as for researcher, piracy is not counted. Netbook sold on Linux means it use Linux.

As a web developer when I see’s stats which is public available and used by every single web developer to take help on HTML and programming about web, it clearly shows linux is used 4.3% in last month less then MAC itself which is 6.7%. Check it yourself ( If 30% of computer user are on Linux why w3schools record so low? doesn’t software developer like to use Linux ??? If developer cannot use Linux then how can a normal user does that ? Scary if you are normal user.

Secondly, that Article about microsoft saying 93% of market share was publish based on some research in Feb 2009, where as the “Contradiction” cames in Nov 2009, after 10 months, come on man 10 months are away too much to change market trend, specially in computer fields, Or does the researcher team going per home counting the  But I am sure the truth is not lie in both stats.

But it should be somewhere between Actual SALES of OS on netbook and Actual Usage of OS. Linux does get 30% sales as research says, but Windows got used on 93% of netbooks. ah, that means 23% of linux user are actually using pirated software, and researcher says microsoft is clean after its $10 billion fines. Yeah, that is right no one is good or think of user, but atleast microsoft dare to says “they make something good” rather than saying “We are better than Mr. X, because Mr. X is cheat”.

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  1. Although its an old post but anyway … Why GNU/Linux (Any Distro) runs faster on my PC then Windows 7 if Windows is that better? Why Windows takes more time to boot? I know I have an old PC but if I upgrade my Hardware can you guarantee Windows will perform better then GNU/Linux? I think most people use Windows because they don’t know that there is an alternative rather then Mac or they don’t have enough computing skill. I know people who can’t use Open Office although they had used MS office. So, I believe GUN/Linux is not for them who are not well evolved. Average user can be happy with GNU/Linux (Entertainment, Documentation purpose). If I wasn’t a gamer, Windows would be history for me (GNU/Linux have game but my friends don’t play them). Taking more juice is not better. We all know what happened to 60’s Muscle car. 😀

  2. Well I always wonder how much a boot time really effect the performance of a computer. My computer take 3-4 minutes to boots up. It is way to slow but during boot I load, 100s of “startup application” and that include onenote from MS and openoffice startup apps too. So, I choose to make my boot slow.

    I do live linux or any open source software, but what I don’t like about them is they do not market on their Better experience, but they try to sell on Comparision.

    If you see the Records from various Web analytics you will find that linux is still under use but Mac has again popularity then Linux. Forgot MS product why Linux not growing over Mac even ?

    Linux is Good OS, but what a good Muscle car do if people cannot drive it?