Category: Operating System

  • Upgrading your system Disk

    I am using windows from my first computer in 1997. Since then, whenever a problem arise in system, our hardware expert suggest one thing. Format the system and start fresh. I kinda like the idea at that time, as it give me more time to play with core system things. I remember formatting windows 95/98 […]

  • Linux Upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04: Save the day

    So, this fine sunday, I think I wake with “lets spoil the day” mood. I start by checking my server to see how it is doing. A regular log view and updates I perform on my VPS. all was good, until I realise an update is available for my billing software. I decide to purchase […]

  • Refreshing USB ports using C#

    Finished a project in which I need to refresh the USB ports by just before we start some particular benchmarking application my client has. Seems pretty easy job, if you know to gain access of system resource. But, it become fun job, when I found that knowledge of system is not even necessary for this […]

  • Windows System Repair

    I just install Windows 8.1 on my home PC, installing SQL Server on it and found that activeds.dll file was missing. I haven’t install anything, just regular MS products and updates. So, how can a file is missing. On searching I found that DLL was present, but seems corrupted, maybe some disk writing fails or […]

  • PHP Upgrade on Plesk/Linux

    Well if you search topic on google you will find lot about it. But here is quick guide for me with little explanation. 1. Plesk do not ship PHP as it’s integrated part, so it ask you to upgrade outside plesk and they do not provide support on it. 2. On Linux you can use […]

  • Windows Developer Preview : First look

    Okay, so everyone is sharing their thoughts on Windows 8 aka Windows Developer Preview. I thought to do so. So, if I talk all about in one word. Awesome !!!. This is cool, easy ..err, not really easy at first. But really great. So, what make it feel like it is not easy. Well, the […]

  • Deleting a Folder with Error “Path not found”

    Okay after using computer for 13 yrs, I encounter a problem in deleting a empty folder in my system. Interesting ..huh? Whenever I press delete button on folder it says “Folder not found”. I try to delete it from command prompt, with same result. When I try to take ownership of folder, yet again it […]