PHP Upgrade on Plesk/Linux

Well if you search topic on google you will find lot about it. But here is quick guide for me with little explanation.

1. Plesk do not ship PHP as it’s integrated part, so it ask you to upgrade outside plesk and they do not provide support on it.

2. On Linux you can use default APT or YUM to upgrade PHP. In my case it is CentOS/Red hat flavour so this article apply to that mainly. Now when I try to upgrade from PHP 5.1 to PHP5.3 I cannot do that as default CentOS repo shows PHP53 as different package and do not come under default upgrade. And it though gets in conflict with PHP5.1’s current install.

3. I try to Erase existing package and thought to install PHP 5.3 afresh. But it shows a list of 110 dependencies which mainly consist of Plesk’s module. Otherwise it was fairly okay to YUM ERASE PHP. So, I have to opt for this solution which works 100% for where I read about it.

4. Atomic Corp create a script then on Red Hat favour enable 5.1 to 5.3 upgrade (Their WIKI: ) Once you run this SH script you can re-run YUM to do the update. Steps are:

# wget -q -O -
# yum upgrade php
# service httpd restart

Bingo !!! PHP upgraded. No server restart needed.

2 responses to “PHP Upgrade on Plesk/Linux”

  1. I tried the steps and got the following

    What can be be done ?

    Transaction Check Error: file /etc/my.cnf from install of conflicts with file from package mysql-5.0.77-4.el5_4.1.i386 =========================

    • @Ranjith, this is just a blog not a forum. try keep it clean :). To answer your question from your [now deleted from comment] transaction log shows that you already have mysql 5.0.77 installed and that doesn’t allow your to install mysql 5.5.22. Please note that MySql 5.0 was launch before Oracle purchase MySql, and hence the two version are not upgradable directly. You have to uninstall to install newer version [as I know] otherwise check the MySql website if there is direct method. I think they have a guide on how to upgrade these 2 version.