Windows System Repair

I just install Windows 8.1 on my home PC, installing SQL Server on it and found that activeds.dll file was missing. I haven’t install anything, just regular MS products and updates. So, how can a file is missing. On searching I found that DLL was present, but seems corrupted, maybe some disk writing fails or something. I start thinking to reinstall machine, as it is just been installed and got corrupted. But at last minute I found a command that not only detect all corrupted files in windows system but repair them as well. Here is steps

  1. Open CMD with Admin rights
  2. run sfc /scannow
  3. Enjoy.

It repairs few basic windows DLL that got corrupted maybe for any reason, disk fail, some program change them or whatever. It save me few hours to re-install and then update 4GB on internet again.